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C-Xbox Tool

C-XBox Tool is one of the most All in One tool for XBox. It offers a lot of easy to use features lik.. ::.

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C-Xbox Tool
Author: CxBoxTool
Release: 2004
Category: XISO Tools
Page Views: 555,937

C-XBox Tool is one of the most All in One tool for XBox. It offers a lot of easy to use features like creating or extracting ISO's, Multigame wizards, File transferring and more. And it's multilanguage.

* Extract ISO
* Create ISO
* Create CD/DVD multigames with MenuX
* Create CD/DVD multigames with MXM
* Create CD/DVD multigames directly from ISO
* Create ISO directly from Xbox HD
* FTP Client
* FTP transfert PCXbox from ISO
* Avalaunch Boost-Mode support
* Explore CD/DVD burned from ISO
* Patch XBE
* Rename XBE titles
* Images editor
* Themes manager
* Skins manager
* Multilanguage

Current Release: v2.0.6

Official Website: here

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published by DJB on 2005-05-23
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C-Xbox Tool 2.0.5
link published on 2004-12-25 18:43:41
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