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Xbox Homebrew, Emulators & Tools

Check out a complete list of homebrew software, emulators, apps & tools to "download" on XBOX

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Original Xbox Download  Popular Titles Original Xbox Downloads
TitlePercentage / Hits
C-Xbox ToolC-Xbox Tool 10.01%C-Xbox Tool 10.01%C-Xbox Tool 10.01% 10.01%(603363)
Surreal64Surreal64 4.220%Surreal64 4.220%Surreal64 4.220% 4.220%(254234)
UnleashXUnleashX 2.848%UnleashX 2.848%UnleashX 2.848% 2.848%(171591)
QwixQwix 2.060%Qwix 2.060%Qwix 2.060% 2.060%(124138)
PCSXBoxPCSXBox 2.045%PCSXBox 2.045%PCSXBox 2.045% 2.045%(123227)
Auto Installer DeluxeAuto Installer Deluxe 1.458%Auto Installer Deluxe 1.458%Auto Installer Deluxe 1.458% 1.458%(87850)
CraxtionCraxtion 1.325%Craxtion 1.325%Craxtion 1.325% 1.325%(79868)
XisoManagerXisoManager 1.319%XisoManager 1.319%XisoManager 1.319% 1.319%(79483)
xisoxiso 1.264%xiso 1.264%xiso 1.264% 1.264%(76185)
Softmod Installer DeluxeSoftmod Installer Deluxe 1.080%Softmod Installer Deluxe 1.080%Softmod Installer Deluxe 1.080% 1.080%(65113)
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Van Helsing
   Page Views: 270,735

Deep within the mysterious land of Transylvania, monsters that inhabit man's deepest nightmares take form. One man works to vanquish the demons of the world and destroy the lethal and powerful Count D..
Van Helsing Boxart for the Original Xbox
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