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Current Release: V0.39.0528A Build 584UnleashX is one of the best dashboards available for your xbox.. ::.

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Original Xbox Download  UnleashX Original Xbox Downloads
Author: UnleashX
Release: 2004
Category: Dashboards
Page Views: 177,365

Current Release: V0.39.0528A Build 584

UnleashX is one of the best dashboards available for your xbox console.. It boasts full .wmv animation in the backgrounds of your skins as well as movies and startup clips.. Many other features.. Very highly recommended..UnleashX is also available on the Auto Installer Deluxe (http://www.aideluxe.com) DVD-R/CDRW which you can download for free.Once you burn AID.iso to a DVD-CDRW you can then install any dashboard you like including the UnleashX Dashboard to your xbox console.UnleashX Features:1)Auto search for games/application with thumbnail for display. Searches and indexes your Hard drive for Xbox titles. Uses icon embedded within the xbe file or custom icon (Icon.png, Icon.jpg).2)File manager (Copy/Move/Delete/QuickDVDCopy, Support for copy and resume so you don't start from the beginning if an error occurs.)3)Game/DVD movie/CD/Data detection with the option to autolaunch them using your favorite media player. Pressing any of the trigger button will suppress auto launching of disk.4)Image viewer (bmp, jpg, xbx and xpr built in to the File manager)5)Zip/Unzip files right from your xbox. Supports extracting from Xbox Xip files (except xm files). Now you can check the contents of the xip files that came with the xbox without leaving it.6)Auto/Manual clock settings. You can set it to manual so UnleashX ask you for date and time when it becomes invalid (i.e., it has been unplug for too long). If set otherwise, UnleashX will set it Nov 15, 2003.7)Password protection for every item. With UnleashX, you can set a password for each menu, submenu, individual item, as well as a system password with maximum number of tries (only for system password. When the maximum is reached, the Xbox will automatically shutdown).8)Color scheme. You can change the colors of all items, from the menu color, to the screen dialog, down to the default background and fog color.9)Fully configurable (XML config file). To achieve flexibility, XML is used almost everywhere. It's a pretty flexible format but it's not an all and be all solution.10)Widescreen support (HDTV and support for 480p was not tested)11)FTP Server with PASV and multi-client (10 max) support. You can set the Username, password, port, maximum number of users, anonymous access). While UnleashX supports multiple clients simultaneously, all users must use the same user account (default is Xbox).12)Simple screen saver and Auto-Turn off timer.13)Sound effects (uses internal xbox files-it will still run without them) and uses the soundtrack for background music.14)In-box configuration, so you don't need to do everything from your PC15)USB Keyboard and IR support (Pressing the Display on the IR for more than 1.5 seconds will turn the xbox off although it's probably faster to just select the power-off menu item)16)Virtual Keyboard support for all settings.17)Support for Memory Unit thru File manager and FTP server. You can browse and copy/transfer files between your Xbox hard disk and memory unit.18)Partition Formatting.19)Screen Capture. And with the built in image viewer, you can now view it too (though what's the point?).20)Extensive support for skinning. You can set the skin without restarting.21)Newsfeed support.22)Supports batch command.23)Support for partition G is provided but never tested since I don't have a large drive.24)To keep the footprint small, UnleashX uses a lot of files that are already in your HD like the sound and xbx files. If you have ahacked MS dash, you'll probably notice this as long as you didn't rename them to something else.

Official Website: here

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Original Xbox Download  VIP Downloads for UnleashX Original Xbox Downloads
Softmod Installer Deluxe v6.0
link published on 2020-07-07 04:18:15
UnleashX V0.39.0528A
link published on 2015-08-22 00:53:28
SPPV MultiGame Disc MakerV2
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Xbox-HQ UnleashX Dashboard by Alladdin
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UnleashX 0.38 Build 565
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UnleashX Video Skin Creator
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UnleashX 0.38.0501 Build 562
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UnleashX 0.37.1218 Alpha Build 543
link published on 2004-12-21 18:11:59
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