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Original Xbox Download  How to setup a xbox DHCP network Original Xbox Downloads

How to setup a xbox DHCP network

Published by lukeski on 2006-04-22
Category: Networking | Page Views: 21,027

This will show you how to connect your xbox up to a router
So you can go on the internet and all that cool stuff

modded XBOX
Crossover, Patch or Staight-Through Cable

Lets get started
Connect your Crossover, Patch or Staight-Through Cable to the XBOX and the over end to the router.

Boot your xbox to evox or unleashx
Go to the settings and select "network settings"
And select DHCP in the settings
That should be it reboot the XBOX
Boot to the dash and the router should asin a ip address to the xbox.
Go to Internet Explorer in the address bar type in
FTP://(username):(password)@(ip address)
And now you sould have foulders with the drive leters.

Hope this helps


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