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Original Xbox Download  Error code 6 - Information Original Xbox Downloads

Error code 6 - Information

Published by ignitedheadz on 2004-11-26
Category: Error Codes | Page Views: 10,200

If you have an Xbox error 6 message it means your xbox hard drive has become locked with a different key to the motherboard that is trying to unlock it.

If you can.
Unlock it with it original motherboard then you can can transfer it to other xbox's.

If you have a new replacement drive i.e; maxtor 120gb IDE 7200Rpm this will already be unlocked so it sould be fine

I did this using the x3 chip and bios 1959 with config live there is a menu option on config live to lock and unlock your hard drive.

Motherboard's and hardrive's need to be keep together guy's it's all to do with the eeprom unlock codes thanks microsoft!!!

Nice work team xecutor config live is amazing!!

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