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Original Xbox Download  How to patch a DEFAULT.XBE from a .ISO file (MEDIACHECK FIX) Original Xbox Downloads

How to patch a DEFAULT.XBE from a .ISO file (MEDIACHECK FIX)

Published by forahobby on 2004-11-11
Category: CD/DVD Creation | Page Views: 79,286

This tutorial i wrote in a hurry.. Im sorry if its not exactly 100% accurate but it is to give you a rough idea on the procedure of a manual MEDIA CHECK patch!

- My game will not boot off the XBOX HDD but runs of a DVD-R/CDRW backup.

- The reason why (XBOX MEDIA CHECK)..
The game will run fine from a backup DVD-R but when you want to run from your XBOX HDD you must remove the xbox media check using this procedure or other xbox applications like dvd2xbox or complex tools.

If your game is still not running from the XBOX HDD after manual patching, dvd2xbox and/or complex tools you may need to look for a pre-patched file which someone else has already produced!

1. Use Quix to extract the .iso you downloaded onto your pc somewhere.
e.g. c:gamename
2. Once quix has finished go into that directory and check that all the files have been extracted correctly, especially the 'default.xbe'
3. Now make a copy of the default.xbe and place it somewhere that you know.
e.g. c:tobepatcheddefault.xbe
4. You will need some software.. So here goes.

Download ADR PATCHER from here:

Download the ADR PATCH DATA from here:

You will have to extract both the .rar files using WINRAR or WINZIP and then just double click the 'adr_patcher.exe' file and it will start the program.

5. Open the patching program called 'ADR PATCHER'. (adr_patcher.exe)
6. Click on TOP LEFT 'load patches' button and browse to the folder where you extacted the ADR PATCHDATA.. :)
7. Find the 'Patch.data' file in the ADR PATCHDATA folder and press ok.
8. ADR Patcher should then say '2 patches loaded' or something.
9. Look down a little to where it says 'filename'.. On the very right hand side of the filename click 'Browse' and find the 'default.xbe' you want to patch then select ok.
e.g. c:tobepatcheddefault.xbe
10. Now click 'Begin Search' and it will check and patch your default.xbe
11. It will tell you if it found things that needed to be patched..
12. Copy the newly patched 'default.xbe' back to the folder which you extracted the .iso file to in the first place.. e.g. c:gamename (SEE STEP 1)
13. Start Quix and create a new iso
14. Point quix to the folder e.g. c:gamename and then click 'CREATE ISO'..
15. It will then ask you what you would like your new .iso to be called and where to save it.. Just save it somewhere you will remember.
e.g. c:patched-gamename.iso

Please Note:
There are many xbox applications which can patch your games automatically for you from the XBOX DVDROM drive while dumping to the XBOX HDD..

I suggest using one or both of the following:
- Complex Tools.

Both of these applications are available in the new 'XBOX-HQ AUTO INSTALLER' they are also available in older versions too but may not be up-to-date with the latest patching files needed.
Tutorial Written by: Forahobby (in a hurry)

Related URL: Patch Games Manually (ADRPatcher)
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