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Original Xbox Download  Xbox M$ Dashboard Music Location Original Xbox Downloads

Xbox M$ Dashboard Music Location

Published by forahobby on 2004-07-22
Category: Beginners | Page Views: 10,240

Ive been getting alot of pm's asking where the Original M$ Dashboard stores its music files that you rip. For example when you put a AUDIO CD into your xbox you will get the option to copy the contents of the audio cd to your xbox hdd in .wma format.. :)

I have quite a few albums etc on my xbox which i like to listen too while im gaming..

To access the Xbox Hard Drive you will need a hacked DASHBOARD like evox, mediaxmenu, avalaunch or Xbox Media Center or the XBOXHQ AUto Installer. You have to ftp into your xbox and search for the files/folders below.

Anyway, The music you rip using your M$ Dashboard can be found under the e:TDATA directory..

look for the hex value/directory of /E/TDATA/fffe0000/



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