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Original Xbox Download  Easy FTP connection with two ethernet cards.. Original Xbox Downloads

Easy FTP connection with two ethernet cards..

Published by Clonejesus on 2004-02-29
Category: Beginners | Page Views: 10,173

The first and foremost thing you need to know, is what a crossover cable is...

if you dont look it up..

I use flashfxp, it is also possible to use the original internet explorer.

First, i am using XP home.
on the "start menu", click the "connect to", click show all connections. Click on the "connection" connected to your ethernet modem. Right click, choose properties. Choose configure. Choose advanced, put value to "100 full mode", click "ok". Then right click on that same connection again, choose properties, choose advanced. "Check" both for internet connection sharing.

Right click on the card that is connected to your XBOX via the crossover cable. Click properties, Highlight "internet Protocol(tcp/ip)". Choose properties, (I set mine with the default gateway that was given from EVOX settings for the IP)Insert the IP given from EVOX settings, and the subnet mask, in the same window, leave default gateway blank...
Mine looks like-
IP: (not .0.3) which is given as the default IP from EVOX version +3935
Subnet mask:

Then your all set.

Passwords and username are usually required, you can edit these through settings in EVOX, or what Dashboard you're using.

They're usually, xbox:xbox

To connect using the internet eplorer use this address and customize according to your address:ftp://xbox:xbox@
On this address the trick is to use your original IP given by Evox and leaving, the IP on your connection settings to your default on EVOX..

you shouldn't need more help with this...

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