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Original Xbox Download  Fastest way to transfer files between two XBOX Consoles using FlashFXP Original Xbox Downloads

Fastest way to transfer files between two XBOX Consoles using FlashFXP

Published by anonymous on 2003-12-23
Category: Beginners | Page Views: 41,948

This guide will explain the easiest and fastest way to transfer files between two XBOX consoles connected to the same network.

The transfer will be done using "FXP", which mean that both XBOX consoles will be configured as FTP servers, and we will use a well known PC/Windows based FTP client to control the transfer.

Using the PC to control the transfer is much more convenient than using an xbox based FTP client, because you will have a nice keyboard, mouse and easy to read monitor instead of hard-to-see text on the tv and slow user interface using the xbox controller.

The files transferred will NOT be transfered from/to/via the PC. The PC will only control which files will be transfered between the XBOX Consoles. I was doing this today between two boxes which got peak tranfer rates of 10MB/Sec and a sustained rate of 7.5 to 8.5 MB/Sec on large files.

If you learn more about the tools used for this, you could even setup an XBOX with read-only access and share your gamesaves, homebrew software and media files to your friends. Maybe I will write a guide on that subject the next time I find the time.

You will need the following software installed and setup:

On each XBOX:
XBOX Media Player, compiled 3-28-2003 or later. If you use an older version, the FileZilla FTP server will not work properly.

On yor PC:
FlashFXP, http://www.flashfxp.com/

You can not use the ftp server that is active when you are running the Evolution-X Dashboard because it does not support the needed "Passive mode" (PASV). However, the FileZilla server that is included in the latest Xbox Media Player does!

To make FileZilla work, you must have this line properly setup in CONFIG.XML in your XMBP directory:


The "home" parameter MUST point to the directory where XBMP is installed, because FileZilla use this parameter to find its FileZilla Server.XML configuration file!

Here is a copy of the FileZilla Server.XML I am using. It is altered from the default that is included in the XBMP builds to enable FXP support. It has username XBOX with password XBOX configured.

    PSXCARE say Welcome to XBOX FileZillaversion: %v


Now, make sure XBOX Media Player is loaded on each XBOX, and that each XBOX is configured with proper IP adresses for your network.

In this guide, lets assume the PC is, XBOX1 is and XBOX2 is

Start Flash FXP on your PC

In Flash FXP you have one left and one right browser window. Usually the left window is for browsing the local PC and the right window is for browsing the ftp site. But if you find the toolbar icon above the left window (probably the rightmost one) that say "Switch to FTP Browser" and click it, you will be able to also use the left window to connect to a separate ftp server.

In the left window, click the yellow flash icon to connect to XBOX1. Select Quick Connect and fill in the fields.

Server or URL =
User Name = xbox
Password = xbox

Click Connect.

Now do the same in the right window, but enter the adress of XBOX2 ( Same username and password. Click Connect.

Now you can browse the hard disks on each XBOX, and use the Flash FXP user interface to drag&drop the directories you want to transfer.

Good Luck!

Related URL: Need more support?? Try the Xbox-HQ Forums!
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