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Original Xbox Download  Xbox Jewel From Green to Clear while watching your TV (v0.1) Original Xbox Downloads

Xbox Jewel From Green to Clear while watching your TV (v0.1)

Published by anonymous on 2003-12-23
Category: Case Mods | Page Views: 5,626

Tutorial written by : PeteTheMagicBum
Last edited: December 22, 2003

This tutorial was based off 'st4rk3y's 'Easier clear jewel tutorial.' This is basically the same as his and everybody else's, only I didn't have any Colgate, sand paper, Easy Off oven cleaner or Mineral Turpentine but I did have a nice little can of Brasso! Yes Brasso that little red, white and blue tin of siliceous polishing powder suspended in an ammonium soap jelly and dispersed in white spirits (or metal polish for short).

First off grab your nicely removed jewel in one hand and a tin of Brasso and some rags in the other. Sit down in you favourite chair turn on your TV and watch a good 30 minute TV program. At the start of the program place one rag on your leg, tip some Brasso onto your other rag, using one hand hold your jewel upturned on your rag covered leg and with the other rub away at that green paint working from one side to the other. By the time the credits scroll down the screen you'll have two green rags and one clear jewel with not a single scratch and if there is one just give it another good rubbing with a Brasso soaked rag and you'll be done.

Don't forget that Brasso can also be used to remove scratches from various plastic and metal items so if you've gone and scratched you case give it a go but remember to be careful and take you time.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for your dumb arse mistakes. It worked fine for me and that's what I'm basing this tutorial on.

Tutorial written by : PeteTheMagicBum

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