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Original Xbox Download  How to Get Free Xbox Live Gold & Xbox 360 Original Xbox Downloads

How to Get Free Xbox Live Gold & Xbox 360

Published by forahobby on 2009-02-04
Category: PC | Page Views: 21,586

This tutorial/guide will introduce you to the world of rewards1.com which offers free xbox 360 accessories, games, xbox live gold memberships and many other cool prizes just for clicking banners, and completing offers via their website. If you ever have the need to earn yourself some FREE stuff then rewards1.com is a great way to earn yourself a free xbox 360 membership or accessory.

Important Note!
XBOX-HQ.COM, members, administrators and hosts will not be held responsible for users who are not computer literate and sign up to only receive spam to their only email account. Be sure to sign-up for a fake email and do not use your original. This guide DOES work but we strongly suggest you use a new email address. You have been warned!

What you need
- PC
- Internet Connection
- Fake Email (alternate to your normal email)

What Prizes can I win?
- Xbox 360 Consoles
- Xbox 360 Games
- Xbox 360 Xbox Live Gold Memberships
- Xbox 360 Controllers
- Xbox 360 Wireless Adapters
- Xbox 360 Charge Kits
- Custom Requests + much more

Great tips for making instant $$$:
Buy the cheapest pre-paid cell/mobile phone SIM CARD and wait until you have no credit left.. This phone WILL never be used again once the credit has been used.. This way you will never need to pay for any charges if you WILL NOT incur them from the mobile offers available. (THIS HAS BEEN TESTED BY SEVERAL MEMBERS NOW OVER 12 MONTHS)


Let's Get Started
Ok, first of all you will need your own rewards1.com account. :) Head on over to the rewards website and sign-up for your free account (I've added some links). Please be sure you do NOT sign-up with your normal everyday email account because you will more then likely receive a tonne of spam while completing the offers. Get yourself a free hotmail, yahoo etc email account and this way you won't have problems.

Once you have finished registering your free rewards1.com website account log on to the website and click on the "Available Offers" link. Be sure to check out the "free" offers first. Most of the offers are very simple to do whilst others can be a little time consuming. You can pick and choose for yourself! :)

How do I Claim my FREE Prizes??
It's very simple. Once you have the required amount of credits you can request a prize by click on the "Available Prizes" link. You can choose from many of the items on offer or request your own prize.

Can I Get Cash $$ Instead??
Yes, just add your paypal account info and a minimum payout amount and rewards1.com will pay you automatically. So eitherway, you will end up on top.

Is this legit??
I have completed many offers over the course of a few weeks and have already received some cool things like a xbox 360 battery pack, and a xbox live 3 months gold membership. You can even get some free games and not only for your xbox 360.. Xbox 360 Games start from 5900 credits so check out their selection.


Please get involved in the XBOX-HQ forums and let us know if you have had success.. I'm positive if you put in a little email work you can earn yourself something for free just like I have so please try it out and let us know eitherway!

Join Rewards1.Com: http://www.rewards1.com

Related URL: http://www.rewards1.com
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