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Original Xbox Download  Using the controller as an Action Replay for Sofmodding. Original Xbox Downloads

Using the controller as an Action Replay for Sofmodding.

Published by jesuslchris on 2009-01-01
Category: Beginners | Page Views: 32,323

Ok folks, a lot of people who are trying to softmod their Xbox are under the assumption that you must have an Action Replay that costs around $40USD on average, but it's simply not true. You can take a breakaway cable from your controller and create a Y cable having a USB and Xbox connector, too, like this (ignore the = signs, used for spaces):

    ====================== /---[USB 2.0 Male]
    [where controller plugs into cable]----
    ====================== ---[to Xbox]

When you get this made, you can plug the Controller up to the PC, allowing it to act as the Action Replay, and the process is simple.

If you would like to use the Xbox controller on the PC (optional) then start on step one, and if you really don't want to, then skip to Step Three: _-=Free AR, here we come!=-_!

Step One: Obtaining PC drivers for use on controller

You've got what I call a Yakaway cable (Breakaway cable done like above picture, don't ask about the name...) and you have a memory card, that's ALL you need, aside from the controller itself. Find and download the following program and install it, finding the LATEST VERSION (1.07 as of date this was written):

Step Two: Testing 1, 2, *garble*

From here, you have the drivers installed (I hope), so plug the controller up and install the drivers (or it may do it automatically). To test it, open up the "Setup" utility found under Start>All Programs>XBCD>Setup Utility. If it's working, it should show what button you push when you push it, and show up in the top left hand corner. If it's working now, great, if not, post what happened and I'll be glad to help you to the best of my ability!

Step Three:Free AR, here we come!

Download the Action Replay 1.4 program here, for starters:

Step Four: We're here, and we're not Queer!

After you get that program installed, you should have the controller plugged up already. Place the memory card in the controller now, and you should hear (on XP and Vista) that sound saying new hardware found, and it should ask you for the drivers. If it does, direct it (with Have Disk option) to the following file:
C:Program FilesDatelAction Replay XBOXDriversXbreader.inf

If there are any errors installing drivers, try restarting the computer first, and if that doesn't help, contact me, and I'll help you as best I can.

Now, once they are installed, open up the Action Replay program, and BAM, it should show the memory card and allow you to transfer files back and forth!


*The controller CAN be an offbrand, such as Pelican or Madcatz, I used a Pelican in mine*

*You CAN make it a FEMALE connector, but it's recommended that you put it facing away from the Xbox if you do that. Females allow you to use Keyboards, Mice, and Flash Drives, for example.*

*If you don't already know, Xbox Controller cables and connectores are basically USB with a modified Connector. The cable is extremely easy to make. Cut and strip the wires about an inch and a half, and match the colors, twisting and taping or soldering the copper parts of the wires. You can google a detailed explanation if you haven't ever done this type of thing before.*

Related URL: Need more support?? Try the Xbox-HQ Forums!
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