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Original Xbox Download  Repair your XBOX C drive WITHOUT eeprom Original Xbox Downloads

Repair your XBOX C drive WITHOUT eeprom

Published by link433 on 2008-05-24
Category: Repairs | Page Views: 31,442

Restoring your XBOX HardDrive without the EEPROM

Required Items
- XBOX Screwdriver (T10 and T20)
- Desktop PC (cannot be a laptop, sorry!)
- CD/DVD Burner
- 1 blank CD
- xboxhdm software (link below)
- Patience!

Download this software: http://www.filefactory.com/file/5bae10/ (premade XboxHDm linux ISO with C drive in it.)

Now, get your XBOX as close to your PC as you can. Take the side off your computer, and locate all the IDE cables (grey flat cables). Disconnect ALL your HardDrives from these grey IDE cables AFTER your computer is off.

Turn your computer on, and when you see the BIOS screen (the logo, such as DELL, VAIO, Compaq, ect.) hit the PAUSE button (top right of the keyboard). If you did it right, the logo will stay on the screen. Now, take your XBOX apart and unscrew the HardDrive from the plastic holder.

Turn your XBOX on, and as soon as the flubber logo goes away, but before you see "Microsoft" below the XBOX, pull the GREY cable out, and plug in your computers grey cable.

With the XboxHDm CD in the drive, press any key on your keyboard, and let the Disc boot. It will take a while to boot, just take your time. When you get to the first prompt, select option 1 (Boot VGA console). It'll take a bit then give you another option. You'll wanna type in xboxhd

The next screen will tell you what codes to use for your hard drive (/dev/hda is what we'll be using) Type YES to continue, but make sure you read this screen!

You'll be presented with a very helpful screen now! This will give you all kinds of options, but we only need one of them, option 2, Rebuild C-Partition. Select option two by typeing 2 and pressing enter. This will tell you your about to rebuild your C drive, and all data will be lost. Don't worry, all save data is on E. Let it run, and POOF! Your saved!

When it's finished, don't just unplug everything. You must do it in a specific order. First, unplug the HD from your PC, and plug it back into the XBOX. Power down your xbox. Turn your xbox back on, just to be sure everything worked right. When it boots to the Microsoft Dashboard, your saved, and can turn it off and put everything back togeather. If it didn't, start over from the begining, and follow the directions EXACTLY.

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