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Original Xbox Download  Updating XBMC SVN Build. Original Xbox Downloads

Updating XBMC SVN Build.

Published by wes213 on 2007-08-30
Category: Dashboards | Page Views: 32,756

Want to know the best way to update to the new XBMC Svn build?? So, I'm thinking why not make a tut on this.

Required Items
  • Winzip
  • Latest XBMC build (here)
  • 1 x Modded Xbox

    Let's Get Started
    First thing you'll need to do is get the most up to date build you can, as i hope you would know by now.

    I get mine from the T3CH here ( ) i use this site since they compile on a weekly basis (give or take a few days).

    Now that you have your New build unzip it to your desktop and delete all the folders and files you dont need, i just keep the folder titled XBMC.

    The first step in updating for me is to rename the new XBMC folder too XBMC2.

    Now fire up your FTP App and connect to your xbox.

    On my xbox the XBMC folder is found in ( F:/Apps/ ) you'll want to open the XBMC folder and find the user data folder.

    Then FTP the user data folder from your xbox to your XBMC2 folder on your desktop.

    This will overwright the user data in XBMC2 folder and replace it with the settings you used in the old XBMC build from your xbox.

    If you have more skins then just the PM III like MC360 or vision then you'll need to open your XBMC skin folder on your xbox and FTP the skins to the new build on your desktop.

    Do not overwright the PM III skin in the new build(XBMC2) with the PM III skin in the old build from your xbox or you will lose any updates added to the new builds PM III skin.

    If you have any scripts such as youtube, accu weather, or ooba that you want to keep just ftp them from the XBMC scripts folder from your xbox to your XBMC2 scripts folder on your pc desktop.

    Now the prep work is done and your good to go.

    The next step is to ftp the XBMC2 folder to the same location as your XBMC on your xbox.

    Time to test the new build, open the XBMC2 folde and find your default.xbe file and launch XBMC2.

    Here you want to check your settings, scripts, and skins to make sure its all thare and working. If all is good then your on to the last step of the update.

    Launch a diffrent dash like Avalaunch, evox, or Unleash-x and go to your file manager.

    Use your file manager to delete the old XBMC folder and then rename XBMC2 to XBMC.

    You will not be able to rename XBMC2 to XBMC untill you delete the old XBMC folder.

    Done reboot and enjoy. :)

    If you wold like to make XBMC you'r main dash all the info for you will need can be found here XBMC Shortcut maker main dash tool

    Tutorial By:*WES213*

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