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Original Xbox Download  How To Put in a Bigger Hd with a chip and taking the chip out to reuse again. Original Xbox Downloads

How To Put in a Bigger Hd with a chip and taking the chip out to reuse again.

Published by scarface on 2007-08-20
Category: Miscellaneous | Page Views: 8,724

I decided on putting this up for people that do not have a computer to hotswap and rebuild the hd from there. Also this is a great way to help mod other peoples xboxs with bigger hds. This is also a little investment into a modchip and you are able to use this over and over again with the sodderless adapters. So you can do yours and your buddys or whoevers you want without having to use a computer. Please Read First then try also We are not responsible or liable for your xbox geting broken for you trying to do this method and messing up. Now after you read this and have any questions just msg me and i will help you out.

Tools you will need.

1.Xecuter 3 ce Modchip (or a modchip that enables the epprom to be saved to it and restored)
2.Solder less Adapter for your versions there is 2 adapters 1=1.0-1.5 and another is 1.6 (I have both so any console i get i can do this mod to it.) I think 1.0 u need to desolder but thats so easy get a desoldering gun they are $15-$20.
3.Aid 3.0 or above (Probably any aid would work im using 3.0)
5. All the tools to open up your xbox of course.
6.Your Flash bios for the Modchip for versions 1.0-1.6 ( I have mine on discs and every xbox has been able to read them i used dvd-rs with a 1000mb dummy file insterted on them just to make sure the xbox reads the disc)

Take your xbox apart.

Ok lets begin, First you want to install your x3-ce modchip with the solderless adaptor to your version of the xbox. There is many guides on how to do this out there and they are really easy. Now once you got your modchip installed and flashed with the right bios you want to go into the x-3 config live menu which it should go into after you turn your xbox back on. Now you want to go to epprom settings and there will be a thing in there that says save epprom to X3-Ce or something pretty close to it. Go to this and do that. Now have your new hard drive ready. Turn your xbox off and then plug in your new harddrive. turn it back on were it boots back to the x3 menu and then go down to disk options in there it askes you if you want to enable locking on your harddrive or disable it. You want to enable it.

Now go back and go to your epprom settings again and then it will ask you do u want restore epprom to hard disk or something very close to this go to that and do it. Now slap in your aid disc. and turn your xbox off and back on and aid should load. First thing you want to do is install ms dash back onto the c drive easy to do yes. After geting ms dash installed u Now go to back up part on the aid disc and from there backup your eeprom and ms dash Backup. Now after doing this go to Install softmod. I installed K-Nknave sid 4.5 softmod and you can do the single boot method or the others i just did the single boot method and now u either choose evox or avalaunch dash. Install this then it will shut down your xbox your u have to after it is done. Now turn the xbox back on with just holding the power button not taping it cus that will enable the modchip and we are trying to get into finishing the softmod. So then you will get a screen that says something about hit "A" to finish softmod install do this. Now it will go into example evox dash. From there load aid again.

Now you want to go into file explore and to e drive and delete evox files there is 2 or 3 at the bottom. After done doing this go back up to install hacked dashboard and reinstall evox or what ever dash you prefer and if you have a bigger hd it will say evox e f or e f g drives i used the e f g drive method cus i have a pretty big hd installed on mine. Let that get done and then go into format and format your G drive cus it will show nothing tell you format it again. After that is done go install your apps that you want and emulators or any other programs you want. After you are done doing this shut your xbox off.

Now take your modchip out leave the sodderless adaptor hooked up just incase you messed up something u can stick your modchip back on and find out what the problem is. Test it turn on your xbox if you get no errors and it shows the time clock just hit the reset buttons like you do with a softmod and it should load into your dashboard that you picked. If it is all good then turn your xbox back off and take out the chip and the sodderless adapto outr. There you go You have done it no need for a computer to do it with. Now you can do it to another one and another one its easy after the first couple times. Any Questions just ask me on here. Hope This helps. Also if you get a error 5 then put the chip back on and then go into your x3 menu and make sure you have the hard drive locked. This is a sweet method to bring on the road with you and you wouldn't need your computer at all. I only do it this way because i dont have a pc to do the hotswap with and this is a pretty easy method to do.

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