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Original Xbox Download  Very Easy Clear Jewel Mod Original Xbox Downloads

Very Easy Clear Jewel Mod

Published by SiK_WiD_iT on 2007-07-26
Category: Case Mods | Page Views: 9,696

Introduction Alright guys I know this is like the tenth tutorial on how to clear your original green XBOX jewel but I just thought I would add one more to the pile. You never know, this one may help better than others or vice versa.

Let's Get Started
The first thing you wanna do is remove the jewel. The best way I found to do this is to use a medium size folding pocket knife to pry it off. You can put a rag between the blade and the box to keep from damaging the case.

The jewel is only painted green so all you need is some sort of polish that has the polishing beads in it. The two best things that I found was Wright's Copper Cream which is used mainly to clean cookware and Brasso which is used to clean and shine brass. Once you have your jewel removed there will be some black adhesive tape that held the jewel in place stuck to the jewel itself. I used my thumbnail and a pocket knife to remove this. (BE GENTLE NOT TO SCRATCH THE JEWEL WITH THE KNIFE) Once you have the adhesive tape removed, you're ready to start making your jewel clear.

Get an old rag and put a dab of the cream on the rag. Polish the jewel in a circular motion. It may not look like its taking the paint off but take a look at the rag, it should start to turn green. The rag will remove most of the paint. The best thing I found to get around the edge of the jewel was Q-Tips. Once you have all the paint removed be sure to wash the jewel and make it shine because once you put the jewel back on you will ruin it trying to get it off again.

After your jewel is shining and ready to be put back on, start heating up a hot glue gun. Take a small bead around the edge of the jewel and be sure not get any on the top or bottom so it doesn't look messy! You can also use super glue but one wrong move and there's no getting that stuff off without some sanding. Hold the jewel in place until it stays on its own. Let the jewel dry over night and you're done! Hope this helps! PM me if you have any questions about the products I used or where I got 'em!


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