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Original Xbox Download  What do the Flashing Lights mean? Original Xbox Downloads

What do the Flashing Lights mean?

Published by FinalCloud on 2007-03-27
Category: Error Codes | Page Views: 22,767

1. Flashing Red and Orange (Amber): Video display problem, check cord. Also try switching to another video mode by changing the cable. It could be damaged hardware (Video controller, or MCPX).

2. Tries To Boot Three Times and then starts flashing red and green: Also Known as "Christmas Lights" Failed mod chip install, and broken traces on the motherboard.

3. Flashing Red and Green: Numerous causes, general system failure. This also happens when you eject a game disc after launching it from the EvoX Dashboard, HD_Loader, or after ejecting a DVD movie from DVD2.0, AND, the HDD is not locked (is looking to run the M$Dash on exit). The MCPX chip is overheating or damaged. If the problem is intermittent, try placing a heatsink on the MCPX and cleaning out your Xbox (The MCPX chip is the one with the nvidia logo on it).

4. GREEN for half a sec then RED Flashing: Bad/Corrupted or Empty Eeprom. Also, see flashing green.

5. SOLID RED: System overheated , hardware failure, bad eeprom...

6. Steady GREEN:: For V1.0 and V1.1 Xbox - Primary bank of 1MB EEPROM has become corrupted.

7. Solid Green, No Audio/Video: Audio setting problem caused by a HD pack, or video settings. Try booting with a standard AV pack instead, and reset your video settings.

8. Flashing Green & Orange AV Cable is not plugged into the AV port.

9. Flashing Orange: Could be overheating. Could also be a damaged trave on the motherboard, or a drop of solder on the main board splashed and bridged points on the mainboard.

10. Solid Green with No Eject/Audio/Video: Possibly a bad connection to the mod chip, check all your points thoroughly. Can be caused by overheating, so check that the fan is connected.

11. Flashing green means a bad Bios Load: - Incomplete or corrupted bios. V1.0 and 1.1 can be fixed, a MOD chip (EEPROM w/Bios) may also fix the problem.

If you experience any of these flashing lights, please post in the forum with Light combo and description of problem so that we may better assist you. I hope the above has given you an idea as to what is causing the problem.


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