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Original Xbox Download  How to make an .ISO with DvD2Xbox Original Xbox Downloads

How to make an .ISO with DvD2Xbox

Published by robzzombie on 2006-10-21
Category: Apps | Page Views: 15,188

Ok, well alot of people were asking in the forums about backing up their games so im gonna help out by writing a tutorial on how to create a .ISO file that you can FTP to your computer and then burn it with DVD Decrypter.

Required Tools
- FlashFXP (for ftp)
- DvD Decrypter
- DvD2Xbox (latest version in AID 3.1)
- 1 x Blank DVD
- Enough space on your HDD for the .ISO
- A way to access your xbox HDD from your computer

Let's Get Started
1.Load DvD2Xbox on your Xbox.

2.Put in the game you wish to backup.

3.Press Y on your Xbox controller.

4.Select the Dump Directory.
(eg. E: , E:Games)

If it gives you an error that says you do not have enough space in this directory then you select an area with more space, or get a bigger HDD

5. Wait till its done copying to your Harddirve.

6. Hook your Xbox up to your network VIA FTP.

7. Start your FTP client and connect to your Xbox.

8. Find the directory you dumped the .ISO file in and download the .ISO to your computer.

9. Open the .ISO file with DvD Decryptor.

10. Put in a blank DvD.

11. Click the button to burn the DvD.

12. Wait till its done burning.

13. Pull out the disc and put it in your xbox and enjoy.

Tutorial written by Robzzombie (this will be my first of many :-P)

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