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Original Xbox Download  FIX: Error 6 after Eeprom replacement Original Xbox Downloads

FIX: Error 6 after Eeprom replacement

Published by MoDZrGR3At on 2006-09-06
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I recently got an error 6 after changing from my banned eeprom to my friends unbanned one. This tutorial is pretty straightforward but this is only if u used A FRIENDS EEPROM!!! I CANNOT HELP U IF U ORDERED A NEW EEPROM ONLINE!!!


Whats Needed
- 1 Modded Xbox u got new eeprom from
- Your own xbox that is messed up
- Torx screwdrivers( Opening up box and swapping hdds)
- ConfigMagic(latest build)
- FTP (for after swapping hdds)
- A Backup of your eeprom!!!

OK, lets get started. For the sake of time I am assuming that u know how to open up an xbox and FTP to an xbox. I will do everything step by step.

1.Open up both xbox's. Remove the hds from both systems.(When I say remove hds, you only have to take out the tray that it is in, not the actual hd. Just take out the power and IDE cables and remove the whole tray.There is usually a gold screw which holds the tray in)

2. Place your hd into your friends xbox and boot it up

3. It should go to watever dashboard that u had on ur xbox since its your hd.

4. Now ftp into the box. Go into Apps or wherever u have ConfigMagic.Click on the Config Magic folder. You should see a folder named DATA, click on it. Now look for the file called eeprom.bin. Replace that eeprom with your own backed up eeprom.

5. Now run ConfigMagic. After it gives you the warning press start.

6. Go to LOAD XBOX EEPROM. It will load the current eeprom on your hd.

7. Now go to UNLOCK HDD

8. After ithe hd is unlocked, go to LOAD EEPROM FROM .BIN file. It will load the eeprom you put in the DATA folder.


10. When that is all done go back to LOCK HDD.

11. Now all you have to do is exit ConfigMagic,turn off the xbox,put your hd back in your xbox, and boot it up. It should boot to the dashboard you had before you got the error 6.

Hope this helps anyone that gets that horrible error screen!!


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