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Original Xbox Download  Launch Apps From Your XDK Dash Original Xbox Downloads

Launch Apps From Your XDK Dash

Published by roo465 on 2006-08-15
Category: Developers | Page Views: 7,215

In this tutorial, I will show you how to launch applications directly from your XDK dashboard. For this information to be of any use to you, you will need to have the Microsoft Xbox SDK (Software Development Kit, a.k.a. XDK) installed on your xbox. You can find more information about setting this up by reading here or here.

*NOTE*: Please do not ask us where to get the Xbox XDK. We cannot help you to find or download it.

I will use the app DVD-X (DVD Player) as an example in this tutorial.

To implement this feature in the XDK dash is as easy as adding the application folder to xe:/Tools (that is E:DEVKIT/Tools). You could simply add the application to xe:/ (that is E:/DEVKIT), but this would make the apps a little harder to keep track of, as you will see below.

This is the easiest method of running apps on your debug xbox, provided that the XDK dash is your default dash. If your debug xbox boots to a hacked dash (e.g. Evox, Avalaunch etc.), you can simply boot them from there.

Thats about it really. Happy modding,

Roo :)

Any questions or comments? Please contact me via Private Message, or email me at roo465@xbox-hq.com.

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