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Original Xbox Download  FTP to XBOX (PC Network Card) Original Xbox Downloads

FTP to XBOX (PC Network Card)

Published by hallmat on 2006-05-04
Category: Beginners | Page Views: 8,977

What you need:
One pc with network card
one xbox with any softmod or modchip and finaly a Cross over network cable (must be a crossover or it will not work)

What you do is connect one end of the cross over cable to the pc then go to START menu then connect to, if u havent got it on the start menu find it in control pannel, then find the local area conecton mine is local area connection3 right click that then click on properties.

Setting up your Static IP address for the connection to the xbox.

When in the properties click on internet protocol (TCP/IP) and then the properties button. A new window will apper with internet protocol (TCP/IP) properties

Click on use the following ip type in any ip address you want like write that down then go to your xbox and in the setting menu on what ip to use type that in but change the last digit so it looks like this insted of the one on your pc which is

What next
Plug the cross over cable into your xbox and you should be connected if not pm me and i will update this when possible

cheers mat

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