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Soldering Guide

Published by hellblazer55 on 2006-04-24
Category: Beginners | Page Views: 3,279


1. A hot soldering iron can cause a fire or burn a finger. Unplug an unused soldering iron !

2. Avoid breathing smoke and vapor from hot solder. Solder in a well-ventilated area.

3. Supervise children who use soldering irons.

Follow these steps to produce successful solder connections:

1. Electronic components and circuit boards can be damaged by excessive heat. Therefore, when soldering components to a board, always us a low-wattage soldering iron (15 to 40 watts). Be sure to tin the tip according to the instructions supplied with the iron.

2. Always use small diameter rosin core solder when soldering electronic parts. Never use acid core solder. It will corrode soldered leads.

3. Always prepare the surfaces to be soldered. Solder will not adhere to paint, oil, wax, grease or melted insulation. Remove these materials with a solvent, steel wool or fine sandpaper. Always buff the copper foil of a circuit board with steel wool. Be sure there is a good connection between surfaces being soldered.

4. To solder, heat th connection first, Not the solder. After a second or two touch the end of a length of solder to the connection.

5. Leave the hot tip of the iron in place until molten solder flows through and around the connecton. Then remove the iron. Important: Do not apply too much solder or allow the connection to move before it cools.

6. Keep the tip of the iron clean and shiny. Wipe away exess solder and debris with a damp sponge or cloth.

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