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How to backup xbox games

Published by stackhouse1217 on 2006-03-15
Category: Beginners | Page Views: 19,100

Ok here it is after month's of trying to backup my xbox games and reading tutorial after tutorial with no real help from any of them! Well, maybe a little help, I thought I would write my own that i think will be a little easier to understand. I have used this tutorial many times and it works perfectly.

In this tutorial i will give instructions step-by-step on how to make the perfect backup copy of your xbox games.

Required Tools/Programs:
- FLASHfxp

All of these programs can be obtained for free but most only give you a 30 day trial.


Ok after you have these programs now the fun part. This will take some getting used to so stay with it!


1) Now, you may want to make sure that your firewalls are all turned off,
and possibly your anti virus software for the time being.
In your custom Xbox dash (i.e. Evolution X, Avalaunch, Unleash X etc.),
make sure your settings are configured for STATIC, and change your IP address to this, Also, make the Xbox's primary DNS the same as your computers IP address shown below (
Scroll down, and click SAVE before you exit that screen!
2) On your computer, go to "Start" "Control Panel" "Network and Internet Connections" "Network Connections"
Then right click your "Local Area Connections" and click "Properties" Click on "Internet Protocol TCP/IP" and then click the
"Properties" button. Now, make sure that the "Use the following IP address" is selected.
Type in this IP address, and a subnet mask of Click "Ok"
Note: your computer may need to be restarted if you are using an older version of Windows.
3) Reboot your Xbox now, and if your computer is running an older OS than Windows XP, reboot that also.
4) Now, open up FlashFXP and click the lightning bolt.
5) A window will popup it will say quick connect.
6) Type your Xbox's IP address in the "Server or URL" text box (
Port should stay at 21. If your dash is using it's default settings, your user name and password should both be xbox (all lowercase).
Now click connect and within a few seconds, you should see your Xbox folders on the right hand side.
Now you can transfer files to and from your Xbox!
if that don't work try this
Use these settings if you, like I are having problems FTPing to your Xbox

1) Open NETWORK CONNECTIONS in the Control Panel - Bring up the properties of your Local Area Connection
(If you do not have this icon then set up a LAN using the wizard)
2) Highlight Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click properties
3) Select "Use following IP address" and enter:
4) Press OK
5) Connect the crossover network cable to your PC and Xbox
6) Boot up your Xbox and check the IP settings. Your IP should be fixed and use the following data:
7) Save the settings (scroll down to the bottom) and reboot the Xbox. Leave it sitting on the EvoX main screen once it has rebooted.

8) Load up your FTP software on the PC (I recommend FlashFXP) and enter the same details that you used on the Xbox into the connect screen.

ok once you are in to your xbox make a folder on your pc called "xbox games" this is where you will transfer your games to from your xbox.

on the right side of fxp. you should see your xbox folders pop a game in your xbox click on the D: folder and drag it to the left side bottom of screen
at the top of that same screen you will see folders on your pc now find the folder we made called "xbox games" and open it.
at the top of the screen
you will see a button "GO" click this button.
now if everything has gone as planed your game should start to copy to your computer!
this may take a while depending on your pc speed.

after it is all done go to the folder called xbox games and make sure the game is there? you will not see the name of the game just a folder called D
after it is downloaded you can rename the file to the name of the game.

now that you have the game on your pc we are going to make an ISO file using qwix. "best tool i've found for doing this"

open QWIX on the left side of the screen you will see 4 buttons on the bottom click tools another screen will open.
you must do this next part or the game will not work!

click on the "patch xbe" button

another window will pop up now find the game you just downloaded and open it now you should see
all of the folders in that game find the "default.xbe" folder and click on it now hit the open button.
you should see file was patched or you might see
file did not require patching anyway click OK .
now on the right side click the "create iso" button another screen will pop up click the "local folder" button

on the right side of that click the button and find the folder with the game in it click on the game and hit the OK button now hit "create iso" button another
screen will pop up it will be the game folder. at the top click the arrow and find the folder called xbox games.
open it at the bottom of the screen
you will see the name of the game where it say's file name leave the name of the game just type iso after it.
click save button. that's it just let qwix
do it's job.
now you have made a perfect iso file of the game ready to burn to blank DVD-R no matter what you have heard this kind of meida will
work on all xboxes with tompson & samsung dvd drives .
ok now open "ALCOHOL 120%" on the right side find "image burning wizard" click on it a new window will open.

find the folder with the game iso folder "note you will see 2 folders with the same name" 1 is the
orignal game folder and one is the "iso" folder.
you can deleate the orginal as you don't need it anymore.

this will also free up space on your pc. these games do take up a lot of space on you pc
so after you make a copy you might want to deleate it! that up to you.
anyway find the new "game iso
file" and click on it hit the open button at the bottom of the screen hit next ok this part is important
if you don't see your dvd burner drive listed here just click the arrow and find it after you've done
that select the "write speed" use the lowest speed possible! "write method" select DVD DAO click the
box next to write if simulation is checked uncheck it number of copy's well thats up to you!
check the "enable buffer underrun technology" and hit the "start button" that's it pop the game in your
xbox and enjoy!! i hope this has worked for you as it has for me time & time again.


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