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Original Xbox Download  Setup your DreamBox with Xlink Kai Original Xbox Downloads

Setup your DreamBox with Xlink Kai

Published by forahobby on 2006-03-09
Category: PC | Page Views: 11,700

This news is for Dreambox's owner how like to play on-line games.
Implementation requires Xlink Kai knowledge and a basic skill in Dreambox and network management.

That's new ?
You can run kai engine from the Dreambox instead from the PC using Kai daemon.
Kai Daemon (shortly named kaid) came without an user interface. For this reason it must be used with a device supporting the Kai User Interface. This can be done by a PC or an Xbox running a dashboard supporting Kai.
At the moment, Xbox Media Center is the only dashboard able to manage Kai UI.
Please, find a detailed guide at Xlink Kai site in download section.

The attached archives contains all the files required to run Kaid on the Dreambox and was thought for DM500S restricted flash memory. The package has been tested on a DM500S running a Gemini 2.6 image. Available Kaid version is and

Decompress the archive and FTP the files in the proper folders.
kaid700x.tar --> /var/misc
kaid.conf --> /var/misc
kaid-start_userscript.sh --> /var/script
kaid-stop_userscript.sh --> /var/script

Set script's permissions to 755 (execution).

FTP to the Dreambox and edit the kaid.conf file. Set only the following parameters:


with the appropriate values.

Don't forget to redirect the 37500 port to Dreambox's IP.
If you already use XLink Kai User Interface embedded in Xbox Media Center do not forget to change the Engine IP Address to Dreambox's IP.

Usage (Gemini image):
1. Power on the Dreambox or resume it from stand-by.
2. Press the blue button and choose System Info and then User script
3. From the available script's list choose kaid-start and run it.
4. Leave all the menus.
5. Stand-by your Dreambox.
6. Power on your XBOX and enjoy your favourite game.

To stop Kaid follow the same instructions but choosing the script kaid-stop.

More information is available in this thread: http://texas.teamxlink.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=18048

kaid version and kaid version are available in the HQ downloads area here:
Xbox-HQ.Com Category: SystemLink/Xlink Kai: Evolution/DreamBox

Original Tutorial by: UNKNOWN

Related URL: Xlink Kai/Dream Box Downloads
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