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Original Xbox Download  SID 4 Installation Original Xbox Downloads

SID 4 Installation

Published by moddingbandit on 2006-02-10
Category: Softmod | Page Views: 18,443

Copying the Gamesave to your Memory Card / USB Device:
The three most popular ways to install the Gamesave (which is the .zip or .gsx files that you have in this directory) are the following:
- Action Replay
- Game Shark
- Mega X-Key

Just a quick tip about memory cards, reports have come in about 3rd-party cards not working properly, you can check the Xbox-Hq Memory Card Database for more information. The most reliable way would be a Mega X-Key in my opinion, which uses the same format as Action Replay for Gamesave.

The Action Replay and Mega X-Key will only be able to use the .zip files, and the Game Shark can only use the .gsx files.
To copy the game save over to your device, these programs support the drag and drop feature just like Windows. So, open your desired program and then drag and drop the .zip or .gsx file to the memory card. In about half a minute or so it should be done.
There are 5 files in the SID package, you will need to transfer TWO of these to your Xbox (this is a little different from the older SID systems so please beware). You need the main installer file, and the Gamesave for the game you wish to use. Here’s what the files do:
- SID4.Installer �� The main Installer
- SID4.Loader.007AUF �� Loader for 007 Agent Under Fire
- SID4.Loader.Mechassault �� Loader for Mechassault
- SID4.Loader.SplinterCell.NTSC �� Loader for Splinter Cell (NTSC Version)
- SID4.Loader.SplinterCell.PAL �� Loader for Splinter Cell (PAL Version)
- Copying the Gamesave to your Xbox
- Insert your USB Device or memory card into your Xbox before you start it up.
- Once you’ve started your Xbox, the MS dashboard should appear.

‘ MS Retail Dashboard ‘
1) Select Memory from the menu and press A.
‘ MS Dashboard Memory Screen ‘
2) Now, select the memory card that you inserted and press A.
3) Shown below are screenshots of each Gamesave. Select the Gamesave you want to copy to your Xbox HDD by pressing the A button on your Xbox controller. A Menu will appear.
Softmod Installer Deluxe 4.5 N-Knave Edition Official Users Manual Page 5 of 23
- ‘ SID 4.5 Installer ‘
- ‘ 007 Agent Under Fire ‘
- ‘ Mechassault ‘
- ‘ Splinter Cell (PAL) ‘
4) Choose the copy icon (as shown in the images below) and press A to copy the Gamesave you have selected to the Xbox. We are using 007 as an example. Be sure to check your Xbox region if you are using Splinter Cell. Eg. NTSC/PAL.
‘ Choose Copy and Press A ‘
‘ Select the Xbox Hard Disk and Press A ‘
5) Once you have successfully copied over all required Gamesave to your Xbox HDD you can now continue to boot the original game (007, Mechassault, or Splinter Cell) and install your Softmod. Restart your Xbox and load the game of your choice into your Xbox DVD-Rom drive.
Softmod Installer Deluxe 4.5 N-Knave Edition Official Users Manual Page 6 of 23
Chapter 5: Running the Game Save via the Game
The following screenshots show what you have to do to launch the Softmod installer. If you see any other screens besides this, something is obviously gone wrong with transferring the game to the Xbox, or you don’t have the correct version of the game.
007 Agent under Fire
‘ 007 Main Menu Screen ‘
1) Once the game is at the main menu, select the Load Mission option… ‘ 007 Load Mission Screen ‘
2) Now select the Xbox Hard Drive option (which loads the Gamesave from HDD). ‘ 007 Loading Mission Screen ‘
3) It will show a loading screen to confirm it is working.
Softmod Installer Deluxe 4.5 N-Knave Edition Official Users Manual Page 7 of 23
‘ Mechassault Main Menu Screen ‘
1) Once the game is at the main menu, select the Campaign option…
‘ Mechassault Campaign Screen ‘
2) Now select the Run Linux Gamesave. Please note that the following information MUST be the same on your Xbox otherwise you have got a bad copy of Mechassault.
Controls: Normal
Difficulty: Regular
Current Level: Going Down Hard
Splinter Cell
‘ Splinter Cell Main Menu Screen ‘
1) Once the game is at the main menu, select the Start Game option…
‘ Splinter Cell Start Game Screen ‘
2) Now select the Linux Gamesave. “ Splinter Cell Checkpoints / Levels Screen ‘
3) Select the Checkpoints option.
Softmod Installer Deluxe 4.5 N-Knave Edition Official Users Manual Page 8 of 23
Chapter 6: The SID 4.5 Final Main Menu
All menus will be self explanatory, and will go to the point, but make sure of the following tips to complete a successful softmod.
1. - Must have a retail MS Backup, either made by this installer or a previous SID installer that supports the target E:backupMS, this backup must not be modded, and must have retail files, no dash version is specified if not installing Ndure.
2.- If you plan to Install Ndure, YOU MUST have MS Dash 5960 either in your MS Backup or your True C drive (newest 1.6 Xboxes have this).
3. - Backup of your EEPROM must be made no matter what to complete the install. This is due to the fact that an eeprom backup is needed to be patched, and put into your hidden boot files to be loaded with the all new nkpatcher system, allowing this eeprom to be loaded instead of your real one to prevent apps from unlocking your HDD, and if you mess with your eeprom, then it’s just your virtual eeprom and not the real one, leading to a broken Xbox.
4. - The Uninstall Feature is picky. You must have a retail, non modded, MS Backup to it can proceed, it also pay attention to what it tell you, so you don’t make mistakes, and you select “YES” or “NO” wisely.
Please be aware that SID 4 will take around 15-30 seconds to install a file called "shadowc.img", so if you see that it looks like if it froze, don't panic, and let it run.
Softmod Installer Deluxe 4.5 N-Knave Edition Official Users Manual Page 9 of 23
Chapter 7: Backup and Restore.
You have options to backup and restore your ms dash, as well as your softmod, but you may not restore your mod backup if an MS Backup is not present, so some limitations are there to prevent you from messing up your softmod, or losing valuable files of your Xbox. If you plan to use Xbox Live!, you don't need to do this, simply install the Ndure feature, but make sure you have an account before you do, cause once softmod is install, you cannot make an account.
Chapter 8: Removing the Softmod.
This is by far the easiest thing to do if you use the installer, simply have you MS Backup not modded, and run “Uninstall Softmod” and all will be done automatically, just make sure you read the onscreen options so you don’t run into any mistakes when it comes to deleting all other files on E:.
The Uninstall feature will do it all for you, but you’ll get prompt for special actions, on prompts, you don’t have to say “YES” unless it’s what you want to do.
Softmod Installer Deluxe 4.5 N-Knave Edition Official Users Manual Page 10 of 23
Chapter 9: Virtual Eeprom Patching
This chapter will teach you how to set up your eeprom after the install of SID 4.5 if you want that extra step in the security of a softmod.
“X-Man9” from www.xbox-scene.com official developer of the nkpatcher systems after Rmenhal, has stated that some games cannot keep Xbox Live! Data in HDD if your Xbox HDD is nulled, we haven’t had any issues, but he has stated that games like “Ghost Recon” will automatically delete your Xbox Live! Maps from your HDD if your HDD serial is not valid.
We/I will not be held responsible for data loss, do this at your own risk.
STEP 1: Getting to access true files on your Xbox C drive.
First you must understand how ftp works, this tutorial will not teach you how to ftp.
First you must have an nkpatcher *.xbe loaded that will not mount the virtual, this *.xbe can easily be the one you booted SID 4.5 and it’s how this tutorial will show it to you.
1. - Cold boot game of Choice or use a file manager to navigate to save.
2. - If you boot SID 4.5 from game of exploit, simply fix your Network Settings to a proper way to access your Xbox from ftp. If your going to use a file manager, the file to be executed is NOT menu.xbe, you’ll execute “install.xbe”, this file is nkpatcher 11-01 with no virtual mounts. Directory for manual boot is: E:UDATA2158555400000000000
3. - you’ll get the eeprom.bin found in C: from your real partition, to know if it’s your real partition, you should be able to see the following files (not all files or folders are mentioned here.
shadowc.img <<<< if you see this, you’ll know it’s your real C partition.
Xbox Book.xtf
eeprom.bin <<<<< this is the dump file you’ll ftp to computer to make your changes.

Created by:Nknave, DJB, and Pirrup
All credit goes to them.

Related URL: Xbox-Hq Homebrew Database
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