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Original Xbox Download  Use Evolution-X to play Multigame DVDs/CDs Original Xbox Downloads

Use Evolution-X to play Multigame DVDs/CDs

Published by forahobby on 2003-05-31
Category: EvoX | Page Views: 14,243


This tutorial will explain how to configure the EVOX dashboard .ini to automatically scan the Xbox DVD-ROM drive when a CDRW/DVD is inserted that has more then one app or game on it. After configuration, EVOX will scan and place found items in the section of your choice.

Let's get started

1. FTP into your Xbox and make a backup of your "evox.ini" file. If you need help setting up your network or ftp client please visit the xbox-hq forums and our friendly staff or members will help you.

2. Edit the "evox.ini" file using notepad or similar & place the AutoAddItem "d:/" into the section where you would like it to be displayed. eg."Games" or "Apps". It should look like the example below.
    Section "Games"{
    # SortStart
    AutoAddItem "e:/games"
    AutoAddItem "d:/"
    # SortAll
3. FTP the "evox.ini" file back to your Xbox and reboot your xbox to be sure certain that the you have successfully edited the evox.ini. (Please be sure you have a backup of your original evox.ini file!)

4. With the configuration of the EvoX Dashboard out of the way it's now time to make a App or Game CD-RW/DVD using your favorite burning software. Please take note that each of the apps or games on the CD-RW/DVD should be within its own unique folder. The CD-RW/DVD Muti Disc directory structure should look similar to the example shown below:
    D:/HQ Auto Installer Deluxe/default.xbe

All done

Now it's time to test out your handy work. Place your new multi app/game disc into the Xbox dvd rom drive. Now search for the new option. If you have done everything correctly your EVOX menu should now always automatically scan the Xbox D:/ drive (dvdrom) and add all items to the main menu navigation.

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