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Original Xbox Download  Removing Xbox Front Panel Original Xbox Downloads

Removing Xbox Front Panel

Published by rav3n2k on 2005-05-23
Category: Case Mods | Page Views: 10,333

Well, I'll asume you're up to the stage where you've popped the top of your box off, have removed the DVD-Drive and Hard drive from their locations and are starting at a motherboard. (You don't have to move your dvd drive, I just found it easier to do so.)

I noticed when I was looking for how to do this, that there always seemed to be a step missing. Everyone's saying "just use a bit more force" - I didn't like that idea; it's plastic, force isn't too great on it. So I pulled out my trusty plastic torch (which is pretty damn dodgy, but that's another story) and had a look at either edge. It wasn't too hard to get the tabs out, but the left and right sides just didn't want to budge. I took a look, and sure enough, there were 3 tabs on each side connecting the front panel to the base (at the side though). I quickly jammed a screwdriver in there and popped them out 2 at a time and it came off in about a minute. Rather than using force, like people proposed, I simply popped it off effortlessly. With the tabs gone, your front panel comes straight off without having to worry about the ones down the bottom.

Click to Enlarge Image

My explaination isn't that great, because everything sort of doubles over, but I'll post a picture of the tabs I'm talking about - that you need to prise(sp?) off first.

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