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Original Xbox Download  Samsung Clear dvd drive mod Original Xbox Downloads

Samsung Clear dvd drive mod

Published by Lez on 2005-04-16
Category: Hardware Mods/Addons | Page Views: 17,374

Tools used after case was apart:
- small phillips head screwdriver (to dissamble the DVD case)
- hair dryer (to remove DVD cover sticker much easier)
- Dremel with cutting wheel & sanding wheel (recommend a variable speed dremel and run it at a low speed so as not to melt the plastic)

I started by removing the cover to my Xbox

Pull the DVD out and remove it from its cradle.
This sticker needs to be removed or cut in order to get to the next step.

I heated up the sticker AND metal case with a hair dryer and slooooowly pealed it up and off. (* remember, the cover is metal and it is HOT !!!!)

Next you have to seperate part of the cover to get to a part that needs to be added to the clear parts that came with your case.

This round insert is "stuck" on with adhesive, pop it out from the other side while cover is still hot.

This is what you should have once the insert comes off. Once you get this piece out, set it aside and put your insert back into the cover and your sticker back on and get it out of the way, your done with the DVD cover.

The small white "spindle" piece will go with the clear part like this.

Time to modify the clear piece to work with the DVD drive.

I layed the clear piece on the DVD drive, it actually looks as if it would work without any modifications but in reality it sits a little bit too high therefore not holding the disk in place. The ends need to be removed so that it sits on the tabs that are part of the inner sides of the DVD drive. I set mine on and scored the plastic where it needed to be cut. Using my Dremel, I slowly cut along my scored lines and then cleaned my cuts up with sandpaper once the ends were removed.

I verified all worked well by triggering the DVD drive to open manually by pressing the white lever in bottom right front of DVD case. It will be a little hard to push in because your working against spring loaded stuff.

Reinstall DVD into its cradle and reinsert it and hard drive back into Xbox case. Screw everything back in place and hook cables back up. Set cover on and test Xbox prior to screwing cover back on.

(I left my metal top and bottom of the DVD case off, make sure circuit board on the bottom of your DVD is "clipped" in place. So that it does not short-out any of the connections on the dvd drive).

And that is it all done.

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