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Original Xbox Download  Disassembling a Thompson DVD Drive Original Xbox Downloads

Disassembling a Thompson DVD Drive

Published by MeYouBastard1 on 2005-04-02
Category: XBOX | Page Views: 6,718

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damage you cause to your hardware. so dont blame me if you f%@k up. lol.

Good Luck.

First thing you need to do is turn your xbox on.

After you turn your xbox on you need to hit the eject button to make your tray come out of the drive.

While the tray is still out, pull the power cord so it stays out.

Then remove the ide cord and the power cord to your DVD drive.

Undo the screws that hold the DVD drive and your hdd (3).

Remove your hdd after unplugging the ide cable and power cord, to get it out of the way.

Then Remove your DVD drive. When you remove the DVD drive you will have a plastic piece attached to it. There are two clips on the side you push to remove it.

Once you have the plastic piece off, turn your DVD drive around so you can see the back. Remove two screws near the ide connection, and power connection. Then look at the top of the drive and you will see two screws which you must remove to get the top cover off. Remove the top cover, again two clips you need to push, then remove the bottom plate. (you need to put a finget under the plate under the ide connection and push up as to get around the ide connection).

Once you remove the bottom plate look under the plate and you will see the white drive wheel and a black piece that attaches to your laser.

Remove the black piece (again two screws) then flip your drive so you can see from the top view.

You will see the laser tracks (two metal rods with four screws holding them down) and remove them.

Once you remove the laser tracks pull the small flat cord from the laser(pull on the actual cord and not the black connection, because the black connection stays on).

Now you should have your laser assembly sitting by itself.

There are two screws holding the black connection that the small white cord was on. Undo those.

Flip your laser assembly upside down and you will see two more screws. Undo those.

Once youve done that then flip it back over till you see the top and then undo the two screws on top.


Now get out the smallest flat head screwdriver you got and pry the little metal piece off the top of the laser. After you ply that metal piece off you will now pry the actual laser off of the glue it is mounted to on the assembly.


Under the laser is another screw. You know the drill.

Once you have the screw out pry the two metal plates off and ....... You now have access to the other mirrors and laser part. CONGRATULATIONS!

You can clean with canned air or with a qtip with some alcohol (not drinking alcohol-i know what you were thinking). or windex, just leave a streak free shine. Use one side to wipe with cleaning solution and the other to dry.

To put it back together read this Tutorial Backwards. And instead of unscewing, screw.

Hope this will help you guys.

Adrian Pardo
'El Toro'

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