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Original Xbox Download  Installing Linux and a little more Original Xbox Downloads

Installing Linux and a little more

Published by highlife440 on 2005-04-01
Category: XBOX | Page Views: 8,406

I found this tutorial and it seems to be the best so far. The original was from http://www.maxconsoles.com

Using the Xbox as leech whore (Version 1.1)
Written by CraiZE

I am in no way affiliated Xbox-linux, Microsoft Co. or any of the copyrighted Trademarks. This Manual has been created for fun and is only for personal use. Do not sell this Manual; it is free to anyone who wants it. I take no responsibility for your actions, which you might take.
1] Install
1.1] Notes Page 1
1.2] Requirements Page 1
1.3] Download ED’s Debian Linux Page 1
1.4] Decompressing the Image, burning it (0.3.1) Page 1
1.5] Installation Page 2
1.6] Running Linux From Evox (3752) Page 3
1.7] Configuring your Xbox Linux Page 3-5
1.8] Installing GLFTPD to run your own FTPD Page 4-5
1.9] Mounting C/E/F Partitions Page 5-6
2] Usage
2.1] Multi-tasking in a Shell, you’ll need it Page 6-7
2.2] Installing BitTorrent for downloading Page 7
2.3] Auto-Shutdown Page 7-8
3] Copyright Information
1.1) Notes:
This tutorial shows you how to install ED’s Debian Linux. Use it to download with the most used downloaders from today.

Run glftpd (FTP Daemon) for accessing your files.
Mount all your partitions, and some bits more.
This Tutorial is not done yet, a lot more will follow soon, this is only a basic form of what it will become, be patient until im done.

1.2) Requirements:
Xbox running unsigned code.
Very little Linux Knowledge.
Xbox connected to the internet/ HomeLAN.

1.3) Download ED’s Debian Linux (0.3.1):
Go to http://www.xbox-linux.com and get ED’s Debian. From the Website’s current design, click on “download” on the left, then it will load a new page, seek for “Download the latest Ed's Debian (0.3.1)” and click on it, it will take you to the source forge Mirror Site, just click on the icon of the location closest to you, and you should be downloading it.

1.4) Decompressing the Image, Burning it:
Decompress„ dist-0.3.1.tar.bz2“ to any location, as example C:Xlinux using WinRAR, you will have the “dist-0.3.1” folder, go in it.You will see files, burn 0.3.1.iso with any burn program to a media you know that works. Boot it up on your Xbox, and……..

1.5) Installation:
Booted it up, you will need some SSH client, I recommend Putty, You can get it from:
Open Putty, and you will see this:
Aright, now you’re set, enter the Xbox’s IP, by default it is (Class C Network), and choose SSH, and click on “open” in putty. Now you will get to some sort of black screen, which is called a shell.
It will ask you for Login, enter “root” as username, and “xbox” as password.
Then you will see something like:
Version : XBOX Linux 0.3.1
Hostname : xbox.localdomain.local
Linux Ver. : 2.4.20-xbox
Last login: Thu Jun 12 07:29:47 2003 from root@xbox:~#
It won’t look 100% the same, but you will notice the similarity. After you are logged in, you will install it. Type:
After that follow the on screen questions, Select Option 1, so it installs it on the E drive, without loosing any contents, if you install to the F partition all data will be erased, you been warned.

The default Swapspace size of 256Megs is enough, for the partition size I recommend 3GB, make sure you have enough space on your E drive, Now you will see it copies a lot of files, this will take 5-15 Minutes, just do something else instead of waiting.
After it is done, power off your xbox, and woop! You installed it.

1.6) Running Linux From Evox (3752):
This is rather easy, just add to your ini to check on E: for executables, and evox will list linux already.Then you just need to launch it from evox. Maybe you will need to rename the .xbe on your E drive, but you shouldn’t need to.

1.7) Configuring your Xbox Linux:
Maybe your IP, or other stuff isn’t as you want it to be, so lets set it up to your wishes.
SSH back into your xbox using putty
Network (OPTIONAL):
nano /etc/network/interfaces
Nano is the basic text editor in Debian Linux, so you can just edit it to your likes, the file will look like:
iface lo inet loopback
iface eth0 inet static
Change it to whatever you want, then press CTRL + X, it will ask you if you wish to save, hit “Y”, then it asks you for the filename, just hit enter. Now you want to restart the network with the new settings just type:
Ifdown eth0; Ifup eth0
And hit Enter.
Now you have configured your network successfully.
Software Mirrors (MUST):
Now you have to configure the online mirrors of apt-get, apt-get is the software download & install manager of Debian Linux.
Access the List by typing:
nano /etc/apt/sources.list

Delete all contents of that file until the last 6 lines, and remove the “#” comment, so it looks like this:
deb http://ftp.at.debian.org/debian/ stable main non-free contrib
deb-src http://ftp.at.debian.org/debian/ stable main non-free contrib
deb http://non-us.debian.org/debian-non-US stable/non-US main contrib non-free
deb-src http://non-us.debian.org/debian-non-US stable/non-US main contrib non-free
deb http://security.debian.org/ stable/updates main contrib non-free
You need now to update the List’s of apt-get files as you changed stuff:
apt-get update
That’s it you finished the big configuration Part of your Linux.

1.8) Installing GLFTP to run your own FTPD:
Now it’s time to make your files available to a PC, I recommend GLFTPD as its very advanced, so get glftpd from http://www.glftpd.com/files/glftpd-LNX_1.30.tgz
Let’s say you downloaded it into /, so then type this:
tar –xzvf glftpd-LNX_1.30.tgz

You will now change to /glftpd-LNX_1.30.tgz, and in this directory, type:
It will ask you some questions, and will bitch with zip & unzip, you can ignore these. After that is done, you will need to generate a key, but before that you will need openssl, use: apt-get install openssl

After OpenSSL is installed stay in the same directory and type(you can change ANYTHING to whatever you wish):
./create_server_key.sh ANYTHING
This is gonna take some good minute(s) on your xbox, so do something fun in that time.
After it finished creating the key, you will need make sure the config is correctly pointing at it, so now:
nano /etc/inetd.conf
And add:
-z cert=/path/file.pem

Your inetd.conf’s glftpd’s line will look somehow like this: glftpd stream tcp nowait
root /usr/sbin/tcpd /jail/glftpd/bin/glftpd -l -o -i -r /jail/glftpd.conf -s /jail/glftpd/bin/glstrings.bin -z cert=/jail/glftpd/ftpd-dsa.pem
And then watch in the file /etc/services there is a line like:
glftpd 5555/tcp
Be sure the “5555” is set to the port you been asked when you installed it.
Be sure it is only 1 line, now its time to restart your Internet Services, so type this:
killall -HUP inetd
Now its time to logon to your FTP, do it from your xbox, else it will not work, type this:
ftp PORT
Replace PORT with the port you set, now it should welcome you.
Username: glftpd
Password: glftpd
Now you are logged in, so now you gotta add a user for your likes, you can change anything after “site XXXX”, username, password etc, just make sure you know what you are doing. site adduser username password *@*.*.*.* site change username flags +17
Now this is setup, you can login from your Computer into the FTP, finally, now I just recommend to change the glftpd password, use:
site passwd newpass
Yay, your FTPD is almost setup, now you want full access with your computer right? So go to the glftpd directory, then use:
chmod 777 site/
Now you are finally done, you can access the files and so forth. For further help with glftpd, try on the Web(google) or IRC.
1.9) Mounting your C/E/F Partitions:
As we noticed 2-4GB get filled up fast when we are wanting to leech excessively and it doesn’t have much of a future. So here we will just mount the Partitions, I write this for People with the F partition and a bigger harddrive. Type this command now:
mkdir /xbox; mkdir /xbox/c; mkdir /xbox/e; mkdir /xbox/f;
Okay now edit /etc/fstab, if you forgot how to, here is the command:
nano /etc/fstab

Now you will see this:
# /etc/fstab: static file system information.
/dev/loop/0 / reiserfs defaults,errors=remount-ro 0 1
/initrd/cdrom/swap none swap sw 0 0
proc /proc proc defaults 0 0
/dev/fd0 /floppy auto defaults,user,noauto 0 0
/dev/cdrom /cdrom iso9660 defaults,ro,user,noauto 0 0
Add these Lines to it:
/dev/hda51 /xbox/c auto rw, 0 0
/dev/hda50 /xbox/e auto rw, 0 0
/dev/hda55 /xbox/f auto rw, 0 0
Okay done you just added your other partitions, now if you want them to be linked onto your FTP Site, create the directories with the names as you wish in your ftpdirectory/site and as example here’s a line you could add to /etc/fstab:
/xbox/c /jail/glftpd/site/Xbox/C auto rw,bind 1 0
This way, you have it also into your FTP site, like I did. Don’t copy paste it, as it most probably won’t work. All set, you completed this Step aswell. Congratulation if you made it to this point, you’re about to use the Programs.

2.1) Multi-tasking in a Shell, you’ll need this:
ED’s Debian linux doesn’t come with it, as you most probably don’t want to leave the SSH session open all day long and have to leave one comp running so the task will stay, we will need screen, get it using:
apt-get install screen
Screen will be installed, how to use it? I explain the basic, which should be sufficient to what you need. Just type: “screen”, it will ask you to press enter, now you run your program, which will continue running, after u started it, press “ctrl + A + D” it will detach it, and you’re back in a shell, you can now type screen again to start the next session, and keep on detaching them, now if you want to see how many sessions are there type “screen –list” you will get an output like this:
root@xbox:/BitTorrent# screen -list
There are screens on:
853.pts-0.xbox (Detached)
769.pts-0.xbox (Detached)
825.pts-0.xbox (Detached)
797.pts-0.xbox (Detached)
4 Sockets in /var/run/screen/S-root.
To resume a session you will type : screen –r
As example, screen –r 825.pts-0.xbox

This will resume the session, “ctrl + a + d” will detach it again, you can just logoff from SSH and the programs will still be running, you just list and resume the session, and “exit” will exit the shell and close that screen session.
Remember, usually CTRL + c or CTRL + Z will end the current running process.
2.2) Installing BitTorrent for Downloading:
Finally coming to a more intressting part, now you want to download Torrents, this is pretty easy, go get BitTorrent from: http://bitconjurer.org/BitTorrent/BitTorrent-3.2.1b.tar.gz
After you downloaded it, go to the directory you downloaed it to, cd “dir” , ls is to list files, this is basic knowledge and should be known by everyone. Type:
tar –xzvf BitTorrent-3.2.1b.tar.gz
It will decompress to BitTorrent-3.2.1b Directory, so now we want it a better way and rename the dir:
mv BitTorrent-3.2.1b bittorrent
Now switch into that directory, and you’re almost done, type: nano bt.pl
Then into that file, write this:
#!/usr/bin/perl -w
$filename = $ARGV[0] || die "Usage: $0 n";
$filename =~ s/`/`/g;
system("./btdownloadcurses.py --responsefile $filename --max_uploads 1 --max_upload_rate 1");
Then close it, ctrl + x , save it to bt.pl, now you type this:
chmod +x bt.pl
Allright we’re done with setting up BitTorrent and making it easier to use, and capped the upload speed also, which is the bonus on the Linux version.

Now you can download any .torrent to your BitTorrent directory, and use: ./bt.pl to download it.

2.3) Auto Shutdown:
I have this problem with torrents, they eat my upload, although it isn’t much, if I daily loose 300MB cause I did let them run, it pisses me off as I’m capped. So here’s the trick to let the xbox leech for you, and when it is done then you just use
sleep 3s; echo Hello world!
Will result into it pausing 2 seconds then run the command you entered.
“s” is for seconds
“m” is for minutes
“h” is for hours

So if you want it to shutdown in 3hours, you use:
sleep 3m; shutdown –h now
This is very well usable if you want it to turn off at a certain time.

3) Copyright Information
I do not allow www.xbox-scene.com or any mirror of xbox-scene.com to publish this on their site. Anyone else running a non-profit Website in the community can publish it, link to the main download, or mirror it.

Related URL: The origional tutorial
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