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Original Xbox Download  Flashing a Spiderchip without a programmer: Original Xbox Downloads

Flashing a Spiderchip without a programmer:

Published by Osanekun on 2005-03-25
Category: SpiderChip | Page Views: 7,327

If you have flashed your Spiderchip with a wrong bios and would like to reflash it with another bios without a programmer here is some information I have gathered off various sites and have successfully reflashed my Spiderchip from an X2 bios to a M8plus.

Note: If the Spiderchip cannot boot on your currently installed box then you will need to use another xbox that the chip will boot into (in my case the bios had problems booting on a v1.2-1.5 so i used a v1.0 to reflash the Spiderchip) otherwise you will need a programmer (like Aladdin or Xecuter) to reflash the chip or wait till Spiderchip comes out with their promised USB programmer.

These are things you will need to get and prep to reflash the Spiderchip: - 2 CD-RW's - Xbox that runs the chip with the currently installed bios - EURASIA Pro Generic Flash 1.2 (www.eurasia.nu) - BIOS of your choice (from what I have seen, the Spiderchip seems to work fine with the X2 4983.06/67 bios on box versions v1.0-1.1 and Evox M8plus bios for v1.2-1.5, and M8plus16 bios for v1.6-1.6b, I havent tried the X3 yet so I can't comment on that)

After downloading the file "eurasia_pro_generic_flash_disc_1_2.zip" from eurasia.nu unzip the file. You will get 2 folders and 1 Read Me text file (make sure to read that file!)

The first folder "flash_disc" will contain an ISO file that you can burn to the CD-RW using Nero (or recording program that supports ISO image recording), this will be your initial boot disk to flash. The second wil be "bios_disc"this folder will contain 3 files, "bios.txt, dummy50mb, and raincoat.cfg".

Copy and paste the BIOS of your choice to the bios_disk folder and rename the file to BIOS.BIN (make sure the file is a 256KB size file) Open the "bios.txt" file and type in the name or the bios you will be using and save to the file (this is not neccessary, it just displays whatever you type in that file on screen)

Open the file "raincoat.cfg" in a text editor like notepad or wordpad and copy and paste the text below into the file over the existing text in the do*****ent and save to the file, (From what I have read this will string will work with spiderchip and aladdin xt with 49lf020a but I cannot varify the aladdin xt. Thanks to HackDaBox for the chip flash info below!)

Flash = 0xdab0,"Winbond W49V002A",0x40000;
Flash = 0xbf61,"SST 49LF020",0x40000;
Flash = 0xbf52,"SST 49LF020A",0x40000;

Using Nero make a standard ISO disk with no multisession and be sureto Finalize the disk in disk-at-once mode.Burn disk with all 4 files in the root directory (do not place the folder itself with the files in them)

Place the first "flash disk" CD-RW disk in the xbox with the chip to be reflashed and reboot the xbox.

You will see your initial bios boot and then the linux penguin will show up on screen followed by a DOS looking screen displaying text. After a few seconds the tray will automatically eject, place your 2nd disk, "bios disk" in and wait for the tray to automatically close. After a few seconds the BIOS should be read and loaded to the chip. Read the text, it will display what is happening, read the text carefully and follow what it tells you. If the the flash was a success you should see your new bios boot up on screen next time you start up (unless you were installing a bios not compatible with the machine used), you can then transfer the chip to the box it was intended for unless you just wanted to change it on the current box.

I cannot varify this will work for every model of xbox and if flasing was somehow interupted and the chip was not fully flashed then you will probably need a programmer to reflash it again. Hope this helps all of you Spiderchip owners who has been banging their head (like me) after a wrong flash.

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