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Original Xbox Download  Flash Xenium Ice using a web browser Original Xbox Downloads

Flash Xenium Ice using a web browser

Published by TheModGod on 0000-00-00
Category: Xenium | Page Views: 4,614

First off, I am assuming that you already have the mod chip installed and running correctly. I am also assuming that you have your xbox connected to your network. If not, please learn how to connect your Xbox to your PC/Network

How many of you out there knew you could flash your Xenium Ice mod chip right from your web browser?

Okay, so there were two of us....lol

While everyone is struggling to FTP or learn how to create a bios CD to flash their chip, here is a great way to go.

First, connect your PC to your Xbox like usual. If from your router, just a standard Cat5 line, if from your PC use a crossover cable. Turn your Xbox on so your Xenium Ice OS Menu is showing.

Go to the network settings and take note of your IP address that is listed. Mine will be different than yours, and I set mine to static.

Next, in a web browser on your PC type in the ip address. Put http;// in front of it. Mine was You should now see this:

Now, you can select Flash and come to this screen

Sorry about these pics, I used my camera instead of doing screen shots. I was in a hurry and just wanted to get the pics. But it gives you the idea.

Now, just browse your PC for the bios you want to use, name it, and select your LED color. Click Proceed and your chip will be flashed right from your browser!

And people thought X3 was the first chip to do this!!

later all


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