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Original Xbox Download  Quick Reference: SmartXX LED States Original Xbox Downloads

Quick Reference: SmartXX LED States

Published by Jeff McCloy on 2004-12-14
Category: SmartXX | Page Views: 2,931

About the LED's on SmartXX (Red and Green -OR- Red and Blue)

Intial Boot - (Before any Software takes control over the LEDs) they are by hardware switched to a fixed state on powerup.

LED1 (Green/Blue) - show's you the state output on the D0 line
-ON means the mod is active and xboxs tries to boot from it.
-OFF means the mod is not active and xboxs tries to boot from xbox onboard bios chip.

LED2 (Red) - is switched ON as soon as proper power is applied to smartxx

This is only valid as for a second, as soon as the OS kicks in it takes over control and starts to flash both LED's. So for checking correct installation you should have a look at the red LED. This one should light up without flickering, dimming or anything else, it simply should light at full brightness.

If this did not happend (before OS ist started), then you could be sure something on your soldering is not 100% correct. Especialy check GND and V3.3V on LPC bus (GND = pin 2 and VCC3.3V is pin 9). It could also mean, that you may have a Xbox V1.5 where 3.3V seem not to be present on the LPC.

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