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Original Xbox Download  XBox Jewel Mod Fitting Original Xbox Downloads

XBox Jewel Mod Fitting

Published by Shark2th on 2004-12-09
Category: Case Mods | Page Views: 4,416

Step 1. Remove the XBox console lid and then remove the original XBox jewel. This is best done by placing the lid in the freezer for several hours and then carefully prying the jewel out of its recess.

Step 2. You now need to remove the metal underside from the lid. It is held on in six places by a four-sided clip. These clips can be pried up using a small flat ended screwdriver and the case can then be removed.

Step 3. We now need to drill a hole for the jewel to sit over. We have used a hole-cutter, available from any good DIY store with a diameter slightly smaller than the jewel itself. This allows the jewel to sit on a small lip of approximately 2mm. Locate the center and very carefully drill the hole. The edge of the hole can now be cleaned up with a Stanley knife or sandpaper.

Remember! A small hole can be made bigger, if you drill the hole too big, the jewel will drop through!

Step 4. Peel back the white backing paper from the back of the jewel and place the jewel itself on the lip of the hole which you cut in step 3. We recommend using a hot glue-gun to actually stick the jewel in place, as some adhesives can affect the appearance of the jewel, and leave it discolored.

Step 5. We are now ready to fit the light kit. There are 2 lugs which the struts from the PCB fit over, place it over these and secure it by either using a hot glue gun or short (long ones will go through the case!) self tapping screws.

Step 6. With the jewel and light kit now in place, it now needs the wires connecting to a power supply. 2 x "Scotch-locks" are provided in the package, and are fitted over the red and black wires of the power lead which goes to the Hard Disk drive.

Step 7. The job is now finished and the lid can be refitted. To make it look just a little bit better, we recommend cutting a circle of material (black DVD cases work as well as anything) the size of the light kits PCB. This will allow the light to reflect back out from the top, which looks much better.

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