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Original Xbox Download  Xbox Networking - CLASS 101 (FTP) Original Xbox Downloads

Xbox Networking - CLASS 101 (FTP)

Published by Kyle Pfeifer on 2004-12-01
Category: Networking | Page Views: 6,343

What you need:
- Modded Xbox - doesnt matter which mod really.
- CD burner (and discs that your Xbox can read)
- PC with a network card
- Network Cable (ideally Crossover)
- FTP software
- Evox dashboard downloaded (pref lastest version)


There are 2 types of network cable and both have RJ45 connectors at both ends. (see the socket on the back of your Xbox to understand what a RJ45 looks like)

Patch cable:
- Patch cable is pin to pin - and is used with Hubs and switches etc.

Crossover cable:
Crossover cable has some pins crossed (hence the name) and is from attaching 2 PC's (or PC to xbox) directly together.

You can check what you have by looking at the ends of the cable, hold the two ends up and compare them are they identical

- if so its patch cable and you will not be able to plug you PC directly to your Xbox (you will need 2 cabled and a hub)-

if some of the cables are moved its Crossover and you can.

Other than this they look idenitcal. In summary get a crossover cable if you can.

- Download and burn the EvoX ISO disk.
- Boot your xbox with this disk and check out the settings area - this is were you can set the static ip you want (note ensure you have STATIC IP - set to yes.

And so with a Xbox booted with the Evox Boot disk, connected to your PC with the correct cable you are ready for...

*Welcome to the wonderful world of Xbox networking - class 101*

To understand Xbox/PC networking you need to think about PC networking a bit even if you know nothing about it - its very logical.

An IP address is execalty what it sounds like -its an address expressed as numbers - it identifies a device on a network and allows you to contact it - there more to it that this but its this concept you need to understand.

There are 2 ways to get an IP address - dynamically (DHCP) or statically,

this first option is called dynamic or DHCP because your IP may be different every time you switch the device on as it gets the IP at that time from a selection of possible ones availible on the PC giving them out.

To get an IP you need a device that can assign them - makes sense you say - Xbox cannot assign IP's - it doesnt have the ability as its not got the correct software. PC's can do it but they need to be setup correctly for this (its easy).

Personally I dont use dynamic IP's on my Xbox as I like to know what IP it has everytime and I find it easy to setup so I suggest you stick to static by setting it on you Evox Dashboard and on your PC to be the same all the time.


No two devices can have the same IP on the same network - if they did how would you know which was which - they have to be different But they have to be able to "see" each other and to do this you need to have the same subnet - WTF is a subnet ?

Basically - (very basically - please forgive me networking gurus out there) just make sure the first 3 numbers (called octets) are the same but the last number is different.

e.g These are good example of 2 IP's on the same subnet - I use this at home. I wont go into why this is a good IP address but you can use anything as long as its under 255.

IP address:
- PC
- Xbox

Your Xbox has 3 setting on it on Evox so in this case.

Xbox- IP - use
Default gateway - us the PC's IP so
Subnet - - dont ask just do it.


The PC needs have the IP set on the network setting (in control panel) on the TCP/IP setting.

subnet - same as Xbox (always)

Once this is done the PC and the Xbox are "on the same Network" if you like and should be able to see each other.

*You may need to reboot both PC and Xbox*

Using a FTP program (flashFXP or CuteFTP etc) connect to the Xbox using its IP ( and the username xbox and password xbox and there you go. you can see the drives on the Xbox - now you have to figure out what you want to do and not mess your xbox up. Award yourself a MCSE in networking and smoke a fat one.

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