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Yager Development
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Yager Development
In their own words:

YAGER Development was "officially" founded in 1999. By that time the core team consisted of five enthusiatic people: Uwe Beneke, Roman Golka, Philipp Schellbach, Timo Ullmann and Mathias Wiese. Apart from Mathias, who joined us in early 99, we have known each other for years, with computer games being our shared occupation. We always had a lot of fun playing, but from the good old times of the C64 and other home computers, we also have been creating stuff, small demos at first, then later also games.

That´s more then 10 years past now, today´s technology makes things possible we couldn´t have imagined then, and we have gone "professional", by signing a deal with THQ in fall 99, moving into a nice office, and working our 10-12 hours a day on Yager. It´s so cool that we were able to develop our hobby into something that let´s us earn our money for doing what we wanted the most. And I´m happy that instead of everyone going his way after life "got serious" with leaving scool, joining the army, matriculating etc., the four of us managed to stick together and start this project. When Mathias saw what we were doing, he instantly wanted to join and bring in his talents. We were lucky to have met!

Together we got over the hard time in 99, when we were working on Yager full-time but had not yet found a publisher and thus didn´t know who would pay the next round of pizza. In the office now, we try to diversify the food. The team put on weight: up to now there are around 15 people concerned with the project. No figure problems yet, as everyone´s busy developing!

-Yager Development

Location: Unknown
Website: http://www.yager.de

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Yager takes place in a corporate-controlled future where air travel has become the prevailing mode of transportation. You get to take control of various futuristic aircraft as a plot of mystery and corporate ambition twists and unfolds around you...

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