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Halo 2
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Original Xbox Download  Halo 2 - Codes, Tips and Cheats Original Xbox Downloads

Halo 2 - Codes, Tips and Cheats
Published by: Shark2th/TheModGod/ on 2005-11-01
Page Views: 19049
Rating: 3/10

Turn Him Into A Clown:
When faced with the enemy tank, turn to the left 4 times and then press A, X, Y, Black. Your player will now turn into a 'Bo-Bo' type clown.

All Weapons Multiplayer mode:
Go up to an Elite with a sword, and kill him by hit him with a machine gun. Once you have killed him go on until you get to the next checkpoint. Once have got a checkpoint turn your Xbox off and then on again. When you go back on to that level again you will have all the weapons there are.

How to turn invisible with a shield:
Fined two items one is blue that is the one to make you invisible and the other is red that gives you a shild.

Unlock Levels:
The cheats these other fools have submitted are obviously garbage and made up. You can unlock the foundation MP map by finishing campaign mode on easy. there are also two other maps to unlock: Marathon and Conclusion. Try finishing harder campaign modes to unlock these levels.

King Osman Gun:
As soon as u start a multiplayer game, pause the game immediantly and press L,R,L,R ,up,down,L,A. this will cause you to start with a King Osman Gun next time you die.

Master Chief turns into Samus:
Go to Metropolis under heroic mode and as soon as you appear dont move. Look directly up, then directly down, then look striaght. Click the left trigger and hold it down and press Y,Y,B,White, Y,B,A,A,A, White, X,Y,Y, A, Black. After that done, leave game, go settings, create a profile with the name being "Samus". Restart your Xbox and in campaign, under heroic, Master Chief should now be Samus

Glitch on Delta halo mision:
Right get up to the bit where you get a scorpian tank, then get to the bit where a pelican drops ammo and marines and there should be some sheilds, destroy them with the tank machine gun, then go and drive then park over them,STAY IN THE TANK! And wait, on halo:combat evolved the sheilds broke when parked over but in halo 2 the spring you up! the tank(along with you in it) are sent hurtling up and can land in an unlimited amount of places! some times you can land on the pelican its self and fly off or you could go so high that you get stuck in the air!(dont worry though as the checkpoint is just b4 where you go over the sheilds) and where you go all depends on the order of destroying the shields and where you put the tank. Be warned though this can cause you and the tank to go straight into a wall causing the tank to explode and sudden death!

Multiplayer Map - Foundation:
Beat the single-player campaign on any difficulty.

Blind Mode:
At the beginning of Outskirts jump on top of the light on top of the door with a crouch jump, then jump to the left platform. Turn to your left and go down the long dark corridor and pick up the skull; it will say blind and your screen will flash black for a while. In this mode you can not see your weapon, body, shields, ammo, or radar.

To get rid of this feature use the following method:
1. Turn off your XBOX or Save and Quit.
2. Go to Campaign and select level and choose Cairo Station.
3. Skip the cinematics and then Save and Quit.
4. Go Outskirt and your hud is back.

Clone army:
In a tank press A three times and then get out. now jump up three times and shoot three bullets of each of each gun you have. wait and after three seconds two more master chiefs will come on to the screen and will follow the same instructions you give to the original.
submitted by: bilbinderpreet

Beserker mode:
On the first level go through the archway beside the lake of blood. Once you're on the other side turn to the left and you will see a green leafy plant. If you walk up to the plant and press x, right trigger, left, up, down Commander in Cheif will eat the plant and go crazy. He will run around and do this wierd dance that is so crazy. Sometimes you just say wow that is crazy.

Stripper Mode:
During the Campaign, Successfully Press, A,X,B,B,Y,Right Trigger, Left Trigger, Right Click, X, Y, W, B, W, B, W, B, W, B, W, B, Right, Right, W, B, Black, Y, A, X, B, Left Click, Left Trigger, Left Trigger, Left Trigger, Left Trigger, Right Trigger, Back, Start, Start, Y, B, X (Board a Ghost with this last button).

Make sure that you are over a pile of weapons because you want to be dual wielding throughout the entire code. The result will be once you get out of the ghost after u kill at least 5 enemies by boosting, that you will be transformed into a cortana looking HOTT Female, wearing the Master Chief Helmet. Some how master chief has taken the role of Cortana. If the code doesnt work try again!!!! it has to be timed correctly.

Unlimited Ammo:
This code will work only if you have completed the game at least once on legendary difficulty.firstly,start a new game on hard or legendary difficulty.During the armory level,approach any elites and kill them with melee attacks.weapons should not be used as this will not enable the cheat.immediately after killing an elite,turn off your xbox and switched it on again.you will be pleasantly surprised that you will get unlimited ammunition for all weapons!

Playboy Magazines:
ok if you go on halo2 lol go on the first level...and you no when you get to that one check point where the covenat come out of there ships...You have to get a sword from a glich in the preveoc level...and lunge into there covenat ship....and when you get inside you will see a collection a playboy's lolol its funy and you'll se a poster of sky lopez..

Game Variant - CTF Classic Tank:
Create a game variant by accessing the settings option from the main menu and then selecting "Game Variants".

Built For: Capture the Flat/CTF Classic

Built For: Coagulation

Description: The word "classic" best describes the battles fought on Halo 1's Blood Gulch. Its reimaged return as Coagulation in Halo 2 is downright heartwarming, but the default settings removed the Scorpion Tanks. So when you want to go a little old school, drop them back in. For added old schoolness, set Vehicle Operation to ON to allow the flag carrier to drive vehicles

How to Make It:
- Select Capture The Flag/CTF Classic
- Under Capture the Flag Options, set Flag Touch Return to ON
- Under Vehicle Options, set Primary Heavy Vehicle to Scorpion
- Even though it's not old school, we leave the Banshee on because it's awesome.

Game Variant - Swords No Radar:
Create a game variant by accessing the settings option from the main menu and then selecting "Game Variants".

Built from: Slayer/Swords

Built For: Lockout/Midship/any sword-friendly map

Description: It's so much more fun to play a round of Swords when you're contstantly wondering if you're about to be stabbed in the back. Thus, for maximum paranioa, Play Swords without motion sensor

How to make it:
- Select Slayer/Swords
- Under Player Options, set Motion Sendor to OFF


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