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VR1 Entertainment
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VR1 Entertainment
VR1 Entertainment was formed in 1993, as an ISP and an employment website. VR1 is a developer aiming at bringing only the best massively multiplayer online games (MMORPG), to the future of gaming. In 1995, the company went international by acquiring St. Petersburg and Toronto-based Gemsoft Corporation, who is known for its work on the PC version of Dragon's Lair. Not too long afterwards, VR1's Toronto team began working on its own networking layer technology, known as the VR1 Conductor. In 1999, the company starting focusing on the console market by picking up two experienced console developers; Devil's Thumb Entertainment and Tokyo-based POW Games, now known as VR1 Japan. VR1 Entertainment is a first-party Xbox developer, planning to bring console multi-player gaming to new heights.

Location: Unknown
Website: http://www.vr1.com/

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Enter the world of dwarves, dragons and magical powers and play the role of an apprentice mage. Nightcaster will feature a strong magic system and a fleet on NPCs to interact with plus an innovate aiming technique. While Nightcaster may have been ove..


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