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Halo: Combat Evolved
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Halo: Combat Evolved
Published by: freakman on 2006-02-02
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Rating: 9/10

OK, you know the level right after the silent cartographer right? OK this is to get a banshee early in that level. start the level out the section called "i should of been you daddy" go thru it until you get out side on the snowy ground where the wraith is shooting at you marines, but make sure you get the rocket launcher and save the ammo!!. go Get the warthog (if you don''t know where it is then your a total newb) drive past the wraith and off of the little ledge where the second patch of ice is. kill all enemies that are there. then you will either see a cave or another route that leads to the same part of the next area. don''t take the cave entrance, instead take the path that''s to the left of the cave. OK, now wait in the path and kill the ghosts with the scorpion tank, now look up and you will see a landing platform waaay up there that''s connected to the cliff. now there should be something that looks like its holding up the platform, its like a pillar that comes out of the cliff and connects to the bottom of the platform. now here is where you need your rocket launcher. zoom in to where the pillar connects to the bottom of the landing platform. and then you should look a little bit in front of the pillar connecting to the platform. now shoot a rocket at that spot and the blast should go thru the platform and make the banshee fall off of the ledge, therefor enabling you to use it for a dam good section of the level. if you cant figure out where to shoot at the bottom of the plat form just keep trying, you should get a check point either after or before you kill the ghost's


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