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Heroes of the Pacific
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Heroes of the Pacific: Cheat Codes, Planes etc
Published by: forahobby on 2005-11-13
Page Views: 3110
Rating: 6/10

Cheat menu:
At the main menu, press L, Black, White, click Right Analog-stick, press R, click Left Analog-stick to enable the cheat menu. Note: When this code is enabled, it will disable the ability to save.

All missions and planes:
At the main menu, press Right Analog-stick Up, Right Analog-stick Down, Right Analog-stick Left, Black, L, Right Analog-stick Right to unlock all missions and planes. Note: When this code is enabled, it will disable the ability to save.

Japanese planes:
At the main menu, press B, Black, L, White, Left, Up to unlock the Japanese planes. Note: When this code is enabled, it will disable the ability to save.

Upgrade planes:
At the main menu, press L, Right Analog-stick Left, Black, Right Analog-stick Right, Right, Down. Note: When this code is enabled, it will disable the ability to save.

Historical missions:
Successfully complete the indicated mission on any difficulty setting to unlock the corresponding Historical Mission:

Gilbert Islands: Million Men: Historical Mission 4
Guadalcanal: Backs Against the Wall: Historical Mission 3
Marianas: Revenge: Historical Mission 5
Midway: Battle of Midway: Historical Mission 2
Wake: Evacuate the Admiral: Historical Mission 1

Bonus planes:
Successfully complete all the following missions in the indicated campaign on the Ace difficulty setting to unlock the corresponding airplane:

Coral Sea (Ace): Yak 3
Gilbert Islands (Ace): P-51A Mustang
Guadacanal (Ace): Tempest Mk. II
Iwo Jima (Ace): P215-01
Marinaras (Ace): P-61A Black Widow
Marshall Islands (Ace): Fw-190A-8
Midway (Ace): P-47D Thunderbolt
Philippines (Ace):P-80 Shooting Star
Wake Island (Ace): Sea Fire Mk.III

Successfully complete the indicated mission on any difficulty setting to unlock the corresponding airplanes. Note: Japanese aircraft cannot be used in Campaign or Mission mode until Campaign mode is completed for the first time.

Coral Sea: Scratch One Flat Top: PBY-5 Catalina
Coral Sea: Torpedo Practice: SBD-2 Dauntless and A6M2-N Rufe
Gilbert Islands: Million Men: B6N1 Jill
Gilbert Islands: Recon: Ki-102A Randy
Guadalcanal: Strike: B-26B Marauder and Ki-61-1A Tony
Guadalcanal: Tokyo Express: H8K Emily
Iwo Jima: Kamikazes: B-25G Mitchell
Iwo Jima: Landing: F8F Bearcat
Iwo Jima: Raise the Flag: J7W Shinden
Marianas: Revenge: Ki-84-1A Frank
Marianas: Usurper: F6F-3 Hellcat
Marshall Islands: Rescue Pilots: TBD-1 Devastator and J7M2 Jack
Midway: Defend Midway: TBF-1 Avenger
Midway: Mikuma: P-38D Lightning
Pearl Harbor: Surprise Attack: A6M2 Zero and B5M1Kate
Philippines: Samar Sea: D4Y2 Judy
Philippines: Steal Prototype: Me262
Wake: Combat Air Patrol: F4F-3 Wildcat and F1M Pete
Wake: Evacuate Admiral: F4U-1 Corsair and D3A1 Val
Wake: Wake Up: G4M2 Betty


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