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Need for Speed Underground 2
Original Xbox Download  Need for Speed Underground 2 - Tips, Tricks and Cheats Original Xbox Downloads

Need for Speed Underground 2 - Tips, Tricks and Cheats
Published by: Sean on 2005-11-01
Page Views: 4372
Rating: 7/10

Magazine Covers:
Auto Motor: 20 wins in level 5
AutoMaxx: 16 wins in level 4
Car Audio and Electronics: 6 wins in level 3
Elaborare: 3 wins in level 4
GTI: 11 wins in level 3
GTI: 16 wins in level 5
Hot 4's: 18 wins in level3
Import Tuner: 4 wins in level 5
Maxi Tuning: 7 wins in level 4
Power: 32 wins in level 5
Spoiler: 11 wins in level 4
Sports Compact Car: 8 wins in level 2
Street Car: 2 wins in level 3
Street Car: 9 wins in level 5
Street Tuner: 34 wins in level 5
Stuff: 20 wins in level 4
Super Street: 28 wins in level 5
Swiss Tuner: 25 wins in level 5
Turbo: 4 wins in level 2

Refill NOS:
To fill your NOS gauge when you have hydraulics, flip your car or SUV and hold A for about two seconds. Then, press any button to activate the hydraulics. Immediatley, the word "Hydro" will appear on the right hand side of the screen with a number underneath. The number should continue to rise and not stop. To stop doing this, release A and press BACK to flip the car back over, starting with a NOS gauge filled to the overflow gauge.

Finding Hidden Shops:
Look at the road signs around the city. They often have colored shapes (yellow triangles ect.) to guide the way to the shops. Also, look for street-lights casting a colored glow. This indicates that there is a shop very close.

Easy NOS Recovery:
To get lots of NOS easily when your are standing still, hold the hand break (R). Next, hold the gas button and LEFT or RIGHT. You should spin around and create smoke. This should give you 300 points instantly to recover turbo boost.

Easier Turns In URL Races:
Notice that before sharp turns in the URL Races, there are a set of numbers that countdown to 1. Follow those numbers to perfect your sharp turn into a groove to speed through faster. Keep accelerating until you reach "1", then slam on the breaks and turn. Once perfected, this can help you get through turns with more speed.

Starting Bonus:
Press LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, X, X, RIGHT, L, R when "Press Start" apperas on the Title Screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry. You can start career mode with an extra $200. NOTE: This code has no effect if you have already started a career.

Best Buy vinyl:
Press Up, Down, Up, Down(2), Up, Right, Left at the main menu.

Start with extra $1,000:
Press Left(2), Right, X(2), Right, L, R at the main menu.

Best Buy vinyl:
Press Up, Down, Up, Down(2), Up, Right, Left at the main menu.

Taking a nice photo shoot:
Once you are in the photo shoot area, press B, hold your handbrake, then rev the engine and press either Left or Right. The car should do donuts. While it is doing this, take the photo. This will give a smoky look on your wheels in the picture.

Wining an outrun:
Once you have found an opponent to outrun with, get in front of the opponent and get in the lead. Get as far as possible until the distance meter has reached its limit. If the distance meter starts to drop, it indicates that the opponent is catching up. When this happens, do a handbrake skid and turn the car around. Go back the way that you came from. The opponent will follow you as you are the one in lead, but he will take time to catch up, giving you an advantage to win the outrun.


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