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Colin McRae Rally 04
Original Xbox Download  Colin McRae Rally 2004 Original Xbox Downloads

Colin McRae Rally 2004
Published by: Jeff McCloy on 2005-11-01
Page Views: 4814
Rating: 8/10

Cheat List

Enter the following cheats at the "Code Entry" screen under the Secrets option. Note: Each game disc has one of a few random "access codes"--only cheats that are made for the access code that matches your own disc's access code will work for you.

Access Code 76538
Group B Mode and Cars: RTNITJ
Access Code 34674
All Bonus Cars: ZCNGMW
Expert Mode: IRZQNT
Mirror Tracks: FEQRJV
All Tracks: HCHSFD
Access Code 28207
Group B Mode and Cars: CWUQEL
All Bonus Cars: BWDMTZ
All Tracks: OCKNVJ
Expert Mode: GDGKGA
All Tests: XNDGFB
All Parts: DJQSPM
Mirror Tracks: EKDBSM
All Weather: CLRWTR
Group B Mode and Cars: CFCKGL or YFHPGW
All Bonus Cars: AIDLAU
All Tracks: BSDJUC
Expert Mode: HIQNRM
All Parts: FUDWHC
All Tests: DMLPOD
Mirror Tracks: EPDZJF
Access Code 84419
Group B Mode and Cars: EEHIZA
All Bonus Cars: EBDIQQ
All Tracks: SXDEBD
Expert Mode: EIDYVP
All Car Parts: XKDBLU All Tests: CIDLCC
All Mirror Tracks: YUDWVP
Access code 71077
Group B Mode and Cars: APCSTK
All Bonus Cars: ZFBDKH
All Tracks: JJRGKX
Expert Mode: ACDBEI
All Car Parts: UEDIUP
All Tests: YCDYZH
All Mirror Tracks: ZMDHKN
Access code 33056
Group B Mode and Cars: MBNNOE
All Bonus Cars: TPDSTS
All Tracks: QMLRPI
Expert Mode: SFKTCP
All Car Parts: FNDDLF
All Tests: RLEVWG
All Mirror Tracks: BEDMSH

Unlockable List

Test, Mirror Tracks: Win the Group B Rally Championship.
Audi Quattro Group B car: Win the Group B Rally Championship.
Ford Escort RS1600 car: Reach the fifth event in the 4WD Championships, on Normal difficulty.
Ford Transit car: Get 1st or 2nd place in the 4WD Championship, on Advanced difficulty.
Lancia 037 Group B car: Win the 2WD Championship, on Advanced difficulty.
Mitsubishi Pajero car: Get 1st or 2nd place in the 2WD Championship, on Advanced difficulty. v Peugeot 205 Group B car: Win the 4WD Championship, on Normal difficulty.
Peugeot 206 4WD car: Get 1st or 2nd place in the 4WD Championship, on Normal difficulty.
Subaru Impreza 228 STI car: Reach the fifth event in the 2WD Championship, on Advanced difficulty.
Volkswagen Golf 2WD car: Win the 2WD Championship, on Normal difficulty.

Hint: Reset Your Access Code
To use cheats in Colin McRae 04 you have to get cheats that work specifically for the access code you have. To view your access code, look at the secrets section of the Options menu.

While we have cheats for a good number of access codes, we don't have them all. However, you can change your access code to one that does match our codes. To change your access code, delete the Colin McRae 04 auto-save file from your Xbox and restart the game. When the game asks you to enable auto-save say "Yes" and it will create a new save file with a randomly generated access code. You can repeat this as many times as you want to get an access code that matches ours.

Since this requires deleting your save file, you may want to make a back-up of the file on your memory card. Or, if you don't have any important information saved, you can just delete the existing file to get a new access code.


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