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Forza Motorsport
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Forza Motorsport
Published by: FinalCloud on 2007-04-05
Page Views: 2280
Rating: 9/10

Microsoft’s answer to and potential beater of Sony’s Gran Turismo series...

Microsoft have gone all out to deliver a realistic racing experience that aims to deliver a pure adrenaline rush from the moment you pop the disk into the Xbox.Forza Motorsport allows players to experience an impressively accurate racing simulation whereby players put their own performance and highly tuned creations to the test not only during the single player game but in the vast online world via Xbox LIVE. Torque up your wheel nuts, buckle up your harness and unleash the beast as you take to the races with Forza Motorsport. Bring it on!

Forza is a racing simulation that boasts a huge roster of vehicles from a wealthy pool of manufacturing giants. There are some 230 cars available from over 40 of the worlds greatest car manufacturers which includes manufacturing giants such as Ford, Nissan, Honda, Ferrari, Porsche and Mercedes-Benz to name a few and also the potential for future downloadable content bolstering these collections further. So if you have dreamed of tearing around a racetrack in a Ferrari F40 or even an F50 then this is probably the closest you are going to get bar winning the lottery. Let’s also not forget that Forza not only caters for the high end performance vehicles but also includes some more down to earth road cars such as the sleek Audi TT coupe or even the sassy Honda Civic. There are plenty of cars to choose from to suit all types of players which means that players will get to drive as many or as few cars as they choose in any of the various game modes which include Arcade, Career, Multiplayer, Time Trial and Free Run.

Career mode offers a total of 5 race types which includes Point to Point, Amateur, Professional, Championship and finally Endurance. Each of these race types offers a vast range of different events and locations. The Amateur class for example features 20 different events and a total of 77 races and the point to point event features a total of 20 races through 10 events. There are absolutely loads of events to choose from and will take even the most dedicated of racers some time to achieve the ultimate success of winning each event.

You''ve played Burnout? You''ve played Flatout? In fact you''ve played any other racing game? In which case you aren''t going to have any problems with the controls, as its exactly the same. Right trigger accelerate, left trigger brake, with buttons for handbrake, camera change etc. A fairly universal design for Xbox racing games these days so die hard racing fans and newbies to racing games can pick up and be clipping the apex of corners in no time at all.

Blasting out in 5.1 Dolby Surround you can almost feel the rumble of the engines on the start line. The sound throughout is as equally detailed as the tracks, locations and cars and just as lovingly recreated by the development team. Each of the 230 cars engines have been meticulously created and sound just as you would expect from any of the vehicles featured under any given circumstances. Taking a Ferrari for instance out for a spin and you are left with little doubt that there is in excess of 500bhp of Italian horsepower inches away. Hammering down a straight followed by the shriek of tyres rubber, leaves little doubt in your mind that you have either turned in and or braked just a little too late for the oncoming corner.

In game music is catered for in 3 different mixes which are fighting mix, forza motorsport and a Racing mix. Each one caters for a mixed range of musical tastes which will no doubt please those that like to thrash it out to head banging tunes or even some more relaxed Latin beats. If you are a little pickier with what music you like to drive to, then there is always the option to use custom sound tracks as you choose.

Graphically Forza is on par with any of the leading driving titles that have graced the Xbox console, each of the available locations have either been meticulously recreated in the case of the real world locations or lovingly created from the ground up by the development team in the circuits of the city streets. Attention to detail from the development team also means that visually every location is as highly detailed as all of the featured cars.

The damage model within Forza is also very detailed yet at the same time limited, unlike titles such as Colin McRae Rally or Rallisport Challenge where you will see components such as bumpers or bonnets regularly part company with the car you will not see this in Forza, where you will see more cosmetic damage than actual parts fall off the car although this is not always the case. You will not only see the damage applied to your car but will also see it on the track which shows signs of any careless driving such as if you scrape along walls or barriers you will notice a layer of your paint is left as a reminder of either a small or large driving error. The draw distance is second to none with vast and detailed landscapes scrolling past at near eye blistering speeds. Overall the graphics are of the highest standard and only help to emphasize the experience within Forza.

The first ever true driving simulation to arrive on the Xbox console has achieved the highest standards in terms of graphics, sound, realism and playability. As most people would imagine, creating a driving game on a console that needs to be both compelling and accurate takes a lot of determination, passion and effort from the developer and the end results within Forza prove just that. The developers have without doubt paid a great deal of attention to detail and have put in a vast amount of time and effort to create this game which at times translates to the player putting in equal levels of effort and determination to progress through the extensive world of Forza Motorsport. Forza is without a doubt an essential purchase for serious and perhaps not so serious racing fans. This game has also been voted: Best Racing Game for Xbox, Ever! by the members of Xbox-HQ.


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Forza Motorsport
published by FinalCloud on 2007-04-05
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