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Xbox-HQ Newbie

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Post Posted: Fri Sep 02, 2016 8:23 am   
Post subject: Tried SoftModding Xbox now have dreaded Error 06 PLEASE HELP
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Hi all, I recently decided to startup a vintage gaming corner in my room and dusted of my Xbox. So many great nostalgic moments with this thing. So i looked into softmodding and after weeks of waiting on the proper equipment through the mail, I finally received my controller to USB wire, copy of Splinter Cell and a 4GB SanDisk Cruzer thumb drive. I was so excited to get everything up and running, the unleashed X dashboard had installed and began shadowing the C drive. This is where everything went to hell. While the the system was shadowing the C drive, the Xbox turned off. I turned it back on to receive an error screen with error 21.I tried plugging my Xbox HDD into my PC, however my PC motherboard only uses sata cables. So I plus my HDD back into my Xbox, but now I get flashing green and red lights and ERROR 06! To top it off my Xbox wont boot up and discs, ERROR 6 is killing me. I've researched countless hours and realize its a EEPROM error, but I have no way of accessing the drive. Is my Xbox bricked? Embarassed Please if anybody can help, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time guys.

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Post Posted: Fri Sep 02, 2016 12:48 pm   
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What softmod were you using?

Do you have an external backup of the eeprom? Probably not because of the stage you were at when the process failed.

I understand you've tried using discs unsuccessfully but were you cold booting them? Put the disc in the tray, close it, shutdown the Xbox then restart.

Error 6 is, or should be, because the HDD cannot be unlocked. This usually happens when you try to put a locked HDD from one Xbox into another.

But what I don't get is what could have locked it in this case other than the Xbox you're using. It should be unlocking it in the normal way at boot.


It has been suggested that you might find better help about this on a more active Xbox forum. But one thing occurred to me when I was thinking about this later and that is what happened was nothing to do with the softmod. It could be a HDD failure. That would explain both the unexpected shutdown and the error 6.

Can you hear the HDD spinning up now? It is on the right side of the Xbox so don't confuse the sound with the fan or any noises the disc drive on the left might be making. The retail Seagate HDD is very quiet but if you don't hear or feel anything anything from that side at any point during boot up it could be HDD failure.

I'm going to post this problem at another place which is frequented by some Xbox gurus who may known what has happened. But the usual 'solution' in cases with severe problems like this is fit a chip so I'm not hopeful that any advice offered is going to be an easy fix.

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