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V.I.P. Lifetime

Joined: Jun 19, 2012
Posts: 461

Post Posted: Fri May 31, 2013 10:55 am   
Post subject: a heads up....[updated]
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....about "underground gamer"...
it seems to have gone the way of BG and demonoid!
no explanation or reason given! (bar one non descript line at the lower of the announcement page)
i've lost over a TB of upload credits but what really gets up my arse about all this...it just seems too neat and tidy!
i mean, i'm not convinced it's "legalities" as the page indicates but something deeper, like a threat or a BRIBE directed at key personnel! (demonoid was ghosted because of a bribe)

notice the timing of certain events!
1, MU (and many more) get ghosted because SOPA/CISPA say "well, we've got a gun fiscally speaking, wanna fight?" and thus "kim dot" is STILL demanded his extradition by the USA GVT despite the now open book of "insider fraud and mis-information/deus est machina" by the US GVT in the first place! (gross incompetence, willful decimation of civil liberties)
2, demonoid takes a shit and it was later suspected that somebody on the inside took a cut and undermined the entire userbase. sold out in a nutshell!
consider the rhetoric right up to the point of that "orwellian nightmare to be" the "xbox one" and how M$ with various global co-operation from the "moneymen" to CENSOR and dictate what we can ultimately do online!
(what's next? sacrificing our children to the great skynet?) and as the xbox one got a REALLY piss-poor reception from folks with a mind of their own, M$ would have NO compulsions attacking ANYBODY who so much as doesn't buy into it, let alone bad-mouth it! they want FULL control and it's NO secret they'll use any resources they have just to make a point in their favor....EVEN if it's clearly out of whack with known fair reasoning!
if this keeps up then i go back to the late 80's where i never had the net!
seems pointless to even pay for an ISP tariff if all the places of conversation and abandonware items are getting the shaft! (plus MANY other places that DON'T deal in protected content also get ghosted with the same degree of contempt for our freedoms)
dark days are coming folks and my advice is this! (from a neutral monk perspective)
all bets are off....
(god i HATE humons) Embarassed Rolling Eyes Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad
taken from my last response at xtras....
^^ i've just had a look around and saw a thread called "Another ROM Site Down....For the time being!" at TIZ! (not linking anything from there) and considering the last response, i'll update my post at HQ, last response (Fri May 31, 2013 5:10 pm) is from a torrent moderator! (and somebody i respect)
that said at that last response "it needs be, ASAP!"
i'm still out by the way, i'm a "proofist"...
i work with what is tangible... Confused

to all my friends... farewell and all the best to future prosperity... and remember, be excellent to each other! Wink

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Joined: May 22, 2003
Posts: 23715
Location: NSW, Australia

Post Posted: Sat Jun 01, 2013 4:04 am   
Post subject:
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it's a sad sad day. more and more communities are going under. Any news on why, what's the legal issue?
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V.I.P. Lifetime

Joined: Jun 19, 2012
Posts: 461

Post Posted: Sat Jun 01, 2013 4:21 am   
Post subject:
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^^ nothing!
just vagaries and answer dodging!
i was in IRC but for all intents and purposes, i was invisible! (ignored)
i've been scouring like a bastard and nobody's fessing up shit, they're playing their cards close to the chest!
there's NO change as far as i can tell, the site page is now a BLANK white/green with the "it's over for now" image removed!
i'll be adding any news as i find it to my other thread as well...
so far, NADA!
it seems the ones in the know are saying jack...
you know as much as me about it.... Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad

to all my friends... farewell and all the best to future prosperity... and remember, be excellent to each other! Wink

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V.I.P. Lifetime

Joined: Sep 13, 2010
Posts: 2644
Location: Kamloops BC Canada

Post Posted: Sat Jun 01, 2013 4:25 am   
Post subject:
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Direct quote of my post at Xtras o the same subject

GOODBYE. I liked the tracker, but hate me all you want the forum people were gigantic dicks. Goodbye dont come back, you just lived on the backs of others while telling said others to go f#&@ their mother. Any torrent site that tries to get righteous on piracy while whole heartedly being complicit can lick my nuts. Goodbye good riddance hopefully now a site with balls will step up.

Again UG fans slam me all you want, truth hurts, and it just kicked UG in the nuts. OUCH!!!!!

Pretending its archive not piracy doesnt make it real. Oops just spilled the secret. No loss, just a bunch of arm chair pros who like to lip off at creators going in the trash. Great day far as Im concerned

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Joined: Jan 17, 2013
Posts: 451
Location: Murica

Post Posted: Sat Jun 01, 2013 5:46 am   
Post subject:
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Just checked the IRC channel read this:


It appears that they had too many users coming in at once. thus they deactivated invites. But they turned them off too late. I think their servers got overloaded with activity and forced the temporary shutdown

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V.I.P. Lifetime

Joined: Jun 19, 2012
Posts: 461

Post Posted: Sat Jun 01, 2013 6:16 am   
Post subject:
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thanks! Wink
(it's recent, the link/pastebin info wasn't visible when i went into #chat and wasn't put forward at my time in there)
i'm not convinced it was "just" the invite system overused, probably contributed to the problem in some way...(they did kill it for a while but...)
the "EA" bit was mentioned at TIZ! (and still one of the MANY suspects to have a stab)
it's a bit more than what was known at the time, guess it's something?!
i'll keep my eyes peeled and sit in skepticism til things become clearer....
1. What happened? TL;DR: We have legal problems. For details, see #9
2. Is this the same thing as with BG? BG's shutdown was pre-emptive. Trust me if I say that this one wasn't planned at all.
3. Does this mean UG is gone? No, we are not gone.
4. Is this related to you closing invites recently? This is what closing invites was supposed to prevent from happening.
5. How/when will we get to know more? irc://underground-gamer.com/#chat , we will release new information as it becomes available.
6. Is the user data safe? AFAIK no user data went anywhere. At least, no unencrypted data.
7. How are you sure it's safe? Scorched earth. Everything that COULD be wiped, was. Everything that could NOT be wiped was thoroughly encrypted.
8. Will UG be back? See #3. We can rebuild it. We have backups. We have the technology.
9. Further details? This is what is officially known:
[2013-05-31 10:53:40] <RetroJaro> Maybe it's just "get rid of GOG games." or something.
[2013-05-31 10:55:03] <lenk> Well, it's about games alright. But big publisher games. Like FIFA 98 and a few other well known ones virtually no one downloads.
[2013-05-31 10:56:15] <lenk> That's what you get when you have organizations whose sole purpose is scoring points by taking down sites. They don't care about what they take down. They just do what they are paid for.
[2013-05-31 10:57:49] <lenk> EA was just an example guys. Watchdogs represent much more than that.
[2013-05-31 11:03:49] <lenk> Companies don't care about UG. Copyright watchdogs make it their job though.

i've even added the quote to the thread at xtras...

to all my friends... farewell and all the best to future prosperity... and remember, be excellent to each other! Wink

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V.I.P. Lifetime

Joined: Jun 19, 2012
Posts: 461

Post Posted: Tue Jun 04, 2013 12:10 am   
Post subject:
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BUMP! Razz Razz and remember, seed it back at least once up from your side "1,000" a complete uploaded item then you're safe to kill the client link.
[PS2] Trying Mushihime-sama in Arrange Mode

below is a torrent header for the classic shmup Mushihime-sama (big tits)
it's simple, get attached item and unpack it, load it on your torrent client and you'll be getting what i WAS seeding at UG cept you don't have to give a f#&@ about ratio NAZIS just seed it once to another interested party and BOOM!
shit n giggles! Very Happy Laughing IT STAYS ALIVE!
i've copied the item description used at UG from my old logs (few changes to fit these boards) so the usage instructions WILL also apply here!
have any q's SEND me a pm and i'll respond in due course! (subject got MASSIVELY derailed as it is!)
so, have fun gents and give me some value for my ISP (waste of fucking $$$) and get a free game! (we must share, we must seed lest we fade into obscurity!) Neutral Crying or Very sad Confused Razz Wink
This is for vash32. Appreciate all the hard work you put into the ps2, keep it up! Very Happy

2D vertical parallax scrolling schmup! Cave and Taito chase you around the playground shouting "get orf moi land" when they released this EYE-MELTING, thumb-pulversing coin-op! If you're a fan of the genre, may I suggest you RIP this BW safe alternative for a night on the tiles, you'll not regret it! Clearly not a widely known title which is a shame but then again, TOP-QUALITY can come from an obscure angle... Here's the story as "Wikipedia" sees it...

The world of Mushihimesama is a wild, untainted one where large desertic areas abruptly change into lush forests, all inhabited by arthropods called Koujuu: such beasts (basically oversized insects) are capable of surviving due to their hardened shells and, upon their deaths, leave them behind for vegetation to grow around them, in a natural cycle of life and death. However, their life force, called Levi-Sense, proved to be poisonous to the humans to the point of being named the Miasma; only sparse human settlements were allowed to survive, one of them being the Hoshifuri village, in exchange for the sacrifice of a 15-year-old girl every 200 years. However, the daughter of the royal family, Reco, is apparently the next in line after being given an ornate bracelet by a mysterious boy in Shinju Forest, where she lost herself at young age: by the day she turns 15, the Miasma contaminates the village.

In order to save her people, she enters Shinju Forest once more, riding the golden Koujuu beetle Kiniro (with which the golden bracelet grants a telepathic link) on a quest to meet the Koujuu god himself.

Archive description.
disk id...[SLPM_660.56] (same id for the HDL-compliant variant)

I retrieved this rom a while back in it's true UNRIPPED state but I've been unable to locate a hash verification so that's another rom here that dodged the redump.org bullet of lists! Sent iso to console using "hdl_dumb 0.8.3" and tested to PURE DESTRUCTION on OPL 0.8/0.9 left at default values and works GREAT! Also created a HDL-compliant image (SPECIFIC to ps2 internal hdd, available separately) in a bid to save hdd space and in short, works IDENTICAL to the original rom with all of the above! NO actual game-data removed, just the "padding/znull.dat"... I've kept all possible archives together as this torrent caters to both optical disk and hdd users alike, packed ALL the relative picture files with the original dump and kept the HDL-compliant image archive free of all else.

Archive contents below. (of original rom, expanded 1.2g)
Mushihimesama (JPN).7z/
art, screencaps and alt cover
Mushihimesama (JPN).iso
Mushihimesama (JPN).md5
Mushihimesama (JPN).mds
Mushihimesama (JPN).sfv
Mushihimesama (JPN)_appendix.jpg
Mushihimesama (JPN)_disk.jpg
Mushihimesama (JPN)_front.jpg
Mushihimesama (JPN)_rear.jpg
Mushihimesama (JPN)_sfront.jpg
Mushihimesama (JPN)_srear.jpg

(Archive checksum, internal)
md5...[b4b6476e12e9f086bc6233f042937dea *Mushihimesama (JPN).iso]
sfv...[Mushihimesama (JPN).iso 3248a773]
md5...[02d7df15e9cf835fc5367e66c6e8cc6a *Mushihimesama (JPN).7z]
sfv...[Mushihimesama (JPN).7z 8b04d18b]
HDL-compliant image. (expanded 248m)
Mushihimesama (JPN - HDL).7z/
Mushihimesama (JPN - HDL).iso
Mushihimesama (JPN - HDL).md5
Mushihimesama (JPN - HDL).mds
Mushihimesama (JPN - HDL).sfv

md5...[d1e869cfa2f19ce2616f85f0eae0a9b8 *Mushihimesama (JPN - HDL).7z]
sfv...[Mushihimesama (JPN - HDL).7z bb098684]
OST package. (available aside the archive, mp3-VBR 287m)
Mushihimesama (OST)/
01 Mushihimesama, age 15.mp3
02 Shinju heading to the forest.mp3
03 Levi = Sense.mp3
04 From that kind of thing!.mp3
05 Furthermore, the desert must also be crossed.mp3
06 Walking on the land of flame.mp3
07 Like the night of the falling stars.mp3
08 The one who is always in the forest.mp3
09 Is this how you are.mp3
10 Requiem of the sky.mp3
11 The end of the sacrifice.mp3
12 Starfall village.mp3
13 I have a favor to ask.mp3
14 Location test song.mp3
15 Princess Reko's adventure.mp3
16 Shinju heading to the forest (arranged).mp3
17 Walking on the land of flame (arranged).mp3
18 Like the night of the falling stars (arranged).mp3
19 Voice collection.mp3.mp3
Mushihimesama (OST).md5
Mushihimesama (OST).sfv
Mushihimesama (OST)_front.jpg
Mushihimesama (Double Arrange Album)/
00 Mushihimesama (Double Arrange Album).m3u
01 The Princess, Age 15.mp3
02 To Shinju Forest.mp3
03 Levi - Sense.mp3
04 Enough About That!.mp3
05 Furthermore, Cross the Desert too.mp3
06 Walking on the Land of Flame.mp3
07 Like a Night of Falling Stars.mp3
08 The Direction to the Heart of the Forest.mp3
09 Is This How You Are.mp3
10 Requiem of the Sky.mp3
11 Starfall Village.mp3
12 I Have a Favor to Ask.mp3
13 The Prince, Age 9.mp3
14 Setting Off Together.mp3
15 Beastial Beat.mp3
16 We Did It!.mp3
17 Sea of Frozen Crystals.mp3
18 Shinju Forest Rebel Army.mp3
19 The Black Shell Beast King.mp3
20 On the Verge of Madness.mp3
21 Cry! Scream!!.mp3
22 Sky of Fragrant Souls.mp3
23 I Want To Protect You.mp3
24 Invisible Warmth.mp3
Mushihimesama (Double Arrange Album).md5
Mushihimesama (Double Arrange Album).sfv

Total archive size 544m (expanded 1.72g)

I love using my SCREAMTRACKER! :w00t:
Necros & Basehead / FM - Seach for the lost riff Very Happy

SPPV. You're next! Cool
want this torrent, hit me up in pm and i'll send it to you, just playing safe! Very Happy

okay, some "progress" has been made but UG as we know it i still out for the duration!
the old UG #chat (IRC) is becoming irrelevant so this one is up and running...
http://esper.net/index.php (channel #UG)
...plus a temporary forum has been set up but i can't disclose that info in any way!
that said, IF YOU WAS A PREVIOUS MEMBER OF UG AND CAN PROVE THAT, go onto espernet (#UG) and a staffer may plonk in IRC the TEMPORARY "new" forum link for you to sign up to?
you'll need to use your IRC username and prove to UG staffs that you have (had) an ACTIVE account with UG, NOT B& of course! (UG username/email will help as proofs but that's a privacy thing)
the temporary forum is in "recovery" mode, as in, a MAD SCRAMBLE to recover any lost torrents..etc!
(if you need to pm ANYBODY in #UG IRC, you need to ask permission in the chat itself before doing so)
things are still sketchy but at least it shows that those in charge are making an effort....?
good luck to the recovery of so many lost gems... Razz Cool Very Happy

to all my friends... farewell and all the best to future prosperity... and remember, be excellent to each other! Wink

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