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Post Posted: Mon Nov 21, 2011 12:05 pm   
Post subject: Introducing XBOXHDM 1.9b
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Ive finished testing, am uploading the vid as we speak, and am proud to announce a much more stable and user friendly USB based XBOXHDM. This new edition does not use things like chain loaders, cd-kickers or SLAX, but rather utilizes Peter Anvin's (he wrote the isolinux base of all previous XBOXHDM) newest syslinux (poached fron UBCD5.11 Very Happy ) a rewritten config file to utilize said syslinux and Universal USB Installer 1.89. Once your USB is prepared it will actualy appear to a PC as an HDD, I didnt even have to change my BIOS to Boot Via USB. The process is very simple, make your XBOXHDM iso as normal (using 1.9b of course) plug in your USB and run Universal USB Installer. Now scroll to the bottom of the linux distro menu and pick either of the syslinux options, now select the XBOXHDM iso you just made and select your USB drive and it will do the rest. Once it says its done you now have a USB bootable XBOXHDM. Dont worry when building the USB if you see a message old MBR will be erased or overwritten, this is required to write the partition table to appear as an HDD and to put the boot files to partition 1 and the install files to partition 2

And be aware as yet I cant get xbrowser to work via USB only xboxhd. For some reason it will scan the USB as dev/hdb during xboxhd but it refuses to if you try xbrowser. As such its limited to the main menu options (1-8 as you see in the video) from what I can tell virtualy no one uses Midnight Commander anyways so I dont know how worthwhile it would be for me to bash my head of the wall for hours trying to figure it out. This will still do the "default" HDD build, install and 99.9% of the things associated with 1.9. Linux and Dos locking both seem to work fine as does text console/failsafe

You will get the classic XBOXHDM menu the video only shows the Pimped menu because I used V7 as opposed to loading XBOXHDM with virgin dash files (simply load the C,E & F folders with your Pimped files and copy "message" from the Pimped isolinux folder to the 1.9b syslinux)

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Post Posted: Mon Nov 21, 2011 10:38 pm   
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It now can be found in the downloads section.

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Xbox-HQ Newbie

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Post Posted: Sat Apr 14, 2012 8:41 pm   
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Well if I do as the directions say it simply doesn't work at all. I had to change the folder isolinux to syslinux and change the files isolinux.bin to syslinux.bin and isolinux.boot to syslinux.boot. I than can proceed normally. However it gets stuck at the screen where you type xboxhd and it says "Linux CD not found". So do I need to change the folder back to isolinux but leave syslinux.boot since I take it it's the boot file? And change the syslinux.bin to isolinux.bin? Please help. I installed the v8 update files into the 1.9b hdm and put it all on an 8gb flash drive.

If I don't change anything and leave it as is I get an error "No DEFAULT or UI configuration directive found!".

Why couldn't this be set correctly the first time so we don't have these issues? this is so annoying.

I don't have any blank discs. I have the Secondary IDE cable disconnected. I have only the Primary IDE cable connected to the hard drive in the xbox which is displaying the code 12 as preferred.


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