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Post Posted: Wed Aug 11, 2004 5:30 pm   
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First, I'd like to again commend DJB on putting out an excellent product!! What an app man!

Now, If anyone uses this autoinstaller on the newest version of 1.4 (so far with the phillips drive), 1.5, and 1.6 xbox's then you need an updated file that isn't in the autoinstaller. Download this, then I'll continue:


It's the new MS Dash for verions 1.4 and higher. The problem that is happening is if you use the autoinstaller, whether it's this one or Slayers, and install the MS Dashboard from the autoinstaller you will end up with an error code 13. So, here is the method that you can use and be successful. This is a method that works best for DJB and rightfully so, it's a good rule of thumb.

After you chip your machine and have Modchip flashed do this:

Format your HD with the autoinstaller according to what HD size you have
Install the MS Dashboard that is on the autoinstaller.
Install the EvoX dash of your choice that is on the autoinstaller
Install all your apps that you want via the autoinstaller
LOCK the HD from the autoinstaller.
Check your settings and make sure your drive shows "lock enabled".

Then, unrar the file that I supplied for download on your PC. Connect your PC to xbox using FlashFXP or your FTP of choice. FTP the entire contents of the rar file over to your xbox C drive.

Reboot xbox and try launching MS Dash with your modchip DISABLED. You will now get the MS Dash with no error 13.

Many thanks goes out to Jack Tran over at www.shop-for-me.com for supplying me with these files. You saved my life mate!

If anyone has anyquestions do not hesitate to PM me or email me at realmccloy@xbox-hq.com

later all

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Post Posted: Thu Sep 02, 2004 4:23 pm   
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Firstly, I want to thank Jack for supplying us with this, you don't know how mcuh our members would love you for this Smile

Secondly, I want to thank RealMcCloy for making them available...

Just to add my 2 cents to this, I included these files as the base install of the Microsoft Dashboard in my new EvoX Auto-Installer 1.3, and it will be in the upcoming 2.0 unless I get newer files.

Keep up the good work man!!

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