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Xbox-HQ Newbie
Xbox-HQ Newbie

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Post Posted: Fri May 14, 2010 5:10 pm   
Post subject: HDD Upgrade resolving issues with Chimp on v1.6
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Hi, I'm posting this more as a guide/for reference. I've been meaning to upgrade my xbox HDD's for awhile now and finally got round to over the last couple of days. Literally for 2 days I've been trying to work it out.

Having researched high and low and seen there were a multitude of options I opted for using Chimps, so I wouldn't have to open up my pc etc.. this was the ideal solution for me. I ran into so many issues but, literally just now, I did it.

I'm running a soft-modded xbox v1.6. Obviously v1.6 comes with various issues when doing a HDD upgrade. My soft-mod is running XBMC.

1. Download and install Chimps v2.4 to my xbox using FTP ( I use ALFTP). Done by simply transferring the file into the apps folder.

2. I used the method of attaching my xbox via a cross-over cable directly to a laptop. To setup the laptop I disabled the wifi, and manually set the i.p address to and the subnet mask to everything else I just left blank.

3, On my xbox my i.p address was set to I left it as this. Although I did change other settings including what many guides say to do with regards to enabling HTTP, setting port to 23 etc.. This wasn't necessary. XBMC apparently doesn't support telnet anyway as I was about to find out the hard way.

4. Removed xbox Case (6 torx screws))

5. Took an external USB drive, opened it up (it was for SATA but I found a 4 pin molex cable and switched the cables over so I had a power supply for my new HDD.

6. Attached the molex power cable from my USB drive to the new HDD

7. Booted up my xbox I was upgrading. Went into file manager and found the unleash dashboard. I had backed it up originally and renamed it backup.xbe. So I simply ran that file to run the UnleashX dashboard.

This is really important and probably the source of alot of confusion. XBMC doesn't support telnet. If you find you're having major issues connecting over telnet on a v1.6 xbox and your running XBMC, that's why. You need to boot into another dashboard. For me, UnleashX did the trick.

8. In UnleashX I didn't have to change ANY network settings. My i.p address was already and that's all I needed. No port 23, no enabling HTTP etc..

9. In UnleashX, goto applications and run Chimp v2.4

10. As it/s v1.6 the screen will go Green. It will go green if your running your xbox to your tv on a composite/scart cable. It will go black/jitter if you're running it through an HD/Component cable. Either way the program is running, you just can't see shit.

11. On your PC/laptop. You can either do this in command prompt or if you have it, which I do running windows XP. Goto programs >> Accessories > Communication > Hyper Terminal. and run the hyper terminal program.

12. In Hyper terminal, make a new connection, name it whatever you like, connect using TCP/IP Winsock, NOT COM. Now enter the i.p address NOT your xbox i.p. Chimp runs using this i.p address not your xbox's. Ensure port is 23 as it will be, then connect.

13. If successfull, it will prompt for a username which is "root" then password "xbox". When you type password it won't look like anything is happening but it is, so just type it correctly and hit enter.

14. If done right, you'll now see the Chimp main menu screen.

15. Remove the IDE ribbon cable from your opened xbox DVD drive and place it into your new HDD. Ensure the jumpers are set to slave. (Your HDD will show you how).

16. Turn the power on your External USB drive, to give pwoer to your new HDD. I just have a switch on the back of mine, so it's simple.

You can power the new HDD by using other sources too. I originally tried to use another Xbox but this gave me a massive headache. The reason why? Everytime I went to clone, the secondary xbox powering my new HDD would shut off. Why? Not entirely sure, perhaps because when you boot up your secondary xbox, with the new blank HDD attached, that xbox is trying to boot up to the xbox screen, instead, it's going straight to the service error screen because you're running it off a blank HDD. So, perhaps, after awhile it times out and automatically shut off. That's what it kept doing to me

17. Back on your pc/laptop, On chimps menu, goto #1 to scan your IDE drives. Confirm this "Yes" then hit exit. You'll see a garbled screen. Hyperterminal is slightly clearer than using command prompt, if you move the arrow keys about you should be able see whether chimps detected both your hard disks. I found if i moved the arrow keys it full fill out the screen allowing me to recognize enough characters to see my HDd's models. Once you know both were recognized, hit enter, you'll be back at main menu.

18. Goto #2 "Clone from master to slave, confirm "yes". Again various guides give different info here. What I found was that when you confirm and it gives you the option of cloning byte by byte or partition at a time, even if you select #1 "byte by byte" it will still only do 1 partition at a time, this doesn't matter. You can do one partition then the next straight after. So choose option #1 "byte by byte then choose how you want to monitor it

19. I chose option '1 for monitoring which is the faster. The telnet program is too garbled to be watching it for every 100mb done, you probably won't see it anyway so may as well do it quickly.

20. Choose the partition you want to clone, choose C: then it will start. Chances are this will be done quite quickly, you'll see the progress screen which should show records in and out to indicate it's working. When it's done it will jump back to the main menu.

21. Goto option #2 "clone from master to slave, repeat above steps but choose partition E: this time. This wil ltake slightly longer, depending on what you have on your HDD partitions, I didn't have much really so it was about a 20 minute job for me.

22. Again watch to ensure it saying records in and out and their ascending now and then. When it's done you'll be back at main menu.

23. Choose option #3 to lock your HDD. Hopefully you chose a drive that was in the HDD compatibility charts for known to be working. I didn't, but it worked anyway, going to enter the drive after this (:

24. You'll get various confirmation screens for performing the locking and you'll see if it's locable or not. On the last screen it may look like nothings been done or it may look like it's asking for a final confirmation y/n again. Just hit enter and it will take you back to main menu.

That's it your done. Power down your xbox and your other power source, swap the disks and test. Mine worked flawlessly. It divided the HDD space between Drive F: and G: and kept my original partitions C: and E: intact.

I used a Hitachi CinemaStar HCS725025VLAT80 HDD. 250GB

I've written to hopefully help someone else out trying to fill in the gaps amongst the multitude of guides. Massive thanks to those who write them though.including FinalCloud and montauk198 as well as 2BunnyReturns for his youtube video.


2BunnyReturns Video guide for chimp

How to use Chimp on xbox v1.6 by montauk198

How to Use Chimp by FinalCloud

Hard Drive Compatibility Chart

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Post Posted: Tue Jun 22, 2010 4:52 pm   
Post subject: Great Tutorial
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Thank you!

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Xbox-HQ Newbie
Xbox-HQ Newbie

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Post Posted: Wed Jul 06, 2011 6:33 pm   
Post subject: humm...
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I have followed this guide to the teeth and the exact same drive will NOT lock. I've also tried xboxhdm v1.9, atapwd on floppy with hdlock and so forth, and the last thing I tried, which brings me here, is configmagic v1.6 final. I am using a softmodded xbox v1.6 with no hard mods... yet. With configmagic, I used a second power supply for the HDD I wanted to lock (which is the exact same hitachi that you used with chimp) and booted my xbox up normally. I then ran configmagic. When it got to the "press start" screen, I removed the IDE cable off my stock HDD to my new HDD. I then pressed start and it tried to read the HDD info. I straight up told me the drive does not support locking. I did everything that you did in your guide and it still will not lock. I've attempted this going on 6 times starting from step one and double checking everything. I have a full head of hair but I feel if keep trying to wrap my head around this, I'll be bald by days end.

Any input would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advanced.

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