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Fixing flashing red/orange tutorial

Published by Anonymous on 2005-07-24
Category: Error Codes | Page Views: 15,834

At more than a few places on the 'net you can read about Xbox owners with boxes flashing red/orange after a few reboots. Not red/green as most have seen (which is most often due to the Xbox not being able to read the bios correctly) - but two reboots and red/orange. This happened to me yesterday, and nowhere did I find any helpful information (actually, at most places people said that a box flashing red/orange is fried - dead - - ready for the scrapyard). Well, maybe. Here's one thing you can check for though, and how to fix it. It turned out that it wasn't hard at all to fix on my box.

The red trace above, between one of the debug vias and pin 5 of the LPC bus (the RESET-signal), wasn't making contact. This was due to sloppy removal of solder from the pin 5 hole (putting a pin header in a v1.0 box) - but it caused the Xbox to flash red/orange when booting in original mode and red/green (interestingly enough) when trying to boot off an LPC-mod.

In the above picture, taken off the back of the motherboard, you see a red wire going from pin 5 to the lower side of a small black chip in the box (you can also use the left little testpoint immideately below if you want). Actually it's quite easy to see that the trace from the debug via disappears under another little chip and reappears here. Connecting these points fixed this little box right up, and it's now running perfectly both in original mode aswell as when booting off an X-ecuter II.

(disregard the blue wire, the picture is taken from the excellent Xgen-Mods-site and has to do with something completely different)

I hope this helps at least some of the persons I saw who had red/orange-problems when I looked around yesterday. Don't worry - these points are HUGE and even you can make this fix.


"via" = the small holes you see everywhere on the motherboard

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