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Pirates of the Caribbean
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Original Xbox Download  Pirates of the Carribean (aka. Sea Dogs 2) Original Xbox Downloads

Pirates of the Carribean (aka. Sea Dogs 2)
Published by: GuitarGuy95 on 2013-04-05
Page Views: 1708
Rating: 8/10

Pirates of the Carribean. Some people, after reading this this, would probably go like: "Hmmm... Just another sucking license-title; I will definetly not get this. Just another stupid movie-game!" "FALSE." "Pirates of the Carribean" also known as "Sea Dogs 2", sequel to the PC Classic "Sea Dogs" , is a RPG/Action Adventure developed by Akella and Published by the great name of Bethesda Softworks. PotC has actually NOTHING to do with the Movie released at the same time.It only got its name as some sort of marketing-gag:The movie makers wanted a game for their movie, in order to earn some extra money.

So the developers accepted, renaming their almost finished game "Sea Dogs 2" into - guess what - Pirates of the Carribean. I just want to ensure nobody goes like I quoted in the intro; this is definitely worth looking at-SO LET'S GET STARTED:You are playing as English captain Nathaniel Hawk, who is commanding a small merchant-vessel around the Carribean colonies of the 17th century. Since your ship got damaged in a storm and you have to sell the transported goods, you start out at the English Island of Oxbay where you have to trade your stuff, visit the ship yard, hire a new crew etc. After finishing your shopping tour returning to your ship, you will notice that the fort of Oxbay is attacked by a huge fleet of French battle ships. Luckily, as a Cutsene lets you know, you are the only one who could escape from the siege, which the French win after very short time. Now its up to you what you're going to do!You can either follow the story-line, which is recommended for it is really, really great, or simply sail out to explore new islands, capture ships or a enjoy lots of side quests.

The story itself isn't the most innovative one but it is told fantastic: You feel like you're inside this scenario and you will start to develop feelings for the characters you`re going to deal with. Sudden turns and plots create great intensity and make you even more excited.

The atmosphere is incredibly nice for such an unknown game: Discovering the Islands is great fun because the design is really fantastic: Busy people running around, birds flying above the haven; everything you imagine from a Carribean-themed colony. Steering your ship on the other hand is awesome, too, because beautiful weather and water effects create pure epicness while you are fighting other ships or just fooling around with yours.

A stunning soundtrack completes the Carribean Flair featuring everything from peaceful melodies to aggressive combat music.Although Pirates of the Carribean does so many things right (and that's why I ABSOLUTELY recommend getting this for your collection), there are several things you have to criticize: The controls on land (with your character) are hard to deal with, especially in the beginning. In narrow places, for example before entering the tavern, you will find yourself struggling because the steering doesn't allow you good control.But once you're after this, you won't find it too bad anymore.The difficulty level is another point to talk about: When you start to play the game, you feel like it is taking your hand to much but look at this: Only the aprox. first semi-hour goes like this, then it is called: "Learning by Doing. It's as simple as that: Do what you want where you want and how you want.

I hope I could persuade you of getting this awesome piece of Software for our good old Xbox Console. It is just such a great game that shouldn't miss in any collection. You can get it for peanuts and it gives so much to you! If you have any questions feel free to contact me.This was my first review; pls excuse my bad Language, I'm from Germany. I give Pirates of the Carribean 8/10. See you guys and bye-bye! =)


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